The Secrets to Keeping Your Luxury Fabric Sofas Clean

Luxury fabric sofas are enticing pieces of furniture. With the soft touch and comfortable feel, who can resist one of these luxury couches in their home? The only thing you have to worry about is keeping these amazing furniture masterpieces clean.

Although there are ways to get stains out easily with cleaning agents, you should always read the labels first. You do not want to lose the warranty because you use something other than what the manufacturer suggests.

Below are some tips for keeping your luxury fabric couches in tip-top shape:

  • Read the tags properly.
  • Never deviate from the manufacturer cleaning instructions.
  • Make a list of rules.
  • Be gentle with the furniture.
  • Deal with spills immediately.

Warning Tags

Usually sofas, whether leather or fabric, come with labels stating the cleaning regime. For instance, some sofas can be cleaned with water, while water is an absolute no-no for others. Sometimes, the only cleaning you may need to do is to vacuum the fabric surface. There may even be separate instructions for the couch cushions. Read instructions all the way through, and make sure you understand the tags. Rather contact the manufacturer before you apply a cleaning technique if it is not stated as acceptable in the instruction list.

Follow the Instructions

Meticulously follow the instructions in the manual. It is much like baking a masterpiece from a recipe. You may not think that one less egg makes a difference until you taste the cake. Do not deviate from the manufacturer methods. If the manufacturer says not to use water, then there is a reason for it. Trying out a new way to get rid of stains is not worth losing the warranty, and ending up with an unsightly piece of furniture.

Set Up Rules

If you are not living alone, lay down some ground rules, such as no feet on the couches or no eating without a plate. Chances are that if you have some rules for using your luxury fabric sofas, you only have to do superficial cleaning. Yes, over time, all sofas gather dust and dirt, but you may save the expensive pieces of furniture from a coffee stain or two. Maybe teach those pooches to stay off the merchandise as well.

Be Careful While You Clean

When vacuuming, use the right attachments. If possible, remove the pillows to reach the difficult spots. If you use water and soap, do not forget to dry the sofa. Use towels to soak up excess water, and maybe turn on a fan to help the drying process along. Do not use the couch while it is still wet. If the sofa is not dried properly, you can expect mildew growth. Indeed, even though the luxury sofa has fabric upholstery, in most instances, you only need to wipe it clean instead of soaking the surface in water.

Avoid Stains

Clean spills as soon as you can. It is about the only way to avoid stains from becoming part of the furniture. Old stains are difficult to remove. Use a spoon to scrape up any food spills. Try not to smudge the food into the fabric. With mud, let it dry. You can remove it with a fabric brush later. Always use a white cloth or sponge when cleaning to avoid dye residue from staining the luxury fabric surface.

Treat your luxury fabric sofas well to enjoy years of comfort and elegance.

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