Looking for Designer Couches and Sofas?

We supply an extensive range of designer couches and sofas, but understanding the designs and styles available can help you to choose furniture pieces that will fit your home perfectly. Below is a basic introduction to designer couches and sofas to get you started.

Designer couches and sofas are categorised according to characteristics, such as shape and size of the back, the armrests, and seating surfaces. That said, it does not mean one chesterfield sofa is the same as the next. Below are a few distinctive types of sofas:

  • Ottoman
  • Sofa bed
  • Chesterfield
  • L-shape
  • Recliner

Different Arm Shapes

At first glance, it may seem as if all sofas are built the same. The opposite is true. You can get furniture pieces with rolled arms, square arms, no arms, wedged arms, sloped arms, and wooden arms. Now, these are just the basic arm styles. A rolled arm is not just a rolled arm. All of these types can be used in different couches, and in a variety of ways. A few examples are the English roll arm and the Belgian roll arm. These two couches seem relatively similar, but they are quite different from each other.

Various Back Shapes

The back of the sofa takes up a huge part of the furniture piece. It can almost be said to be the heart of the couch. Various back shapes can be distinguished. These can be anything from a high back to a rolled back. In some instances, the furniture pieces are described mostly by the fact that the back and arms are the same height. The tuxedo is a good example of this.

Can My Designer Furniture Be Slipcovered?

You might want a sofa that can be slipcovered, as it provides you with flexible choices when it comes to changing its appearance to fit the theme of a room. Alternatively, you might just want the slipcovers to protect the designer couch against accidental spills.

Curves are among the top features that make a piece of furniture difficult to cover. Yes, it is possible to cover a couch with excessive curves. However, it is not something you want to do if you want the furniture to look beautiful. The more the curves, the less likely it will look good being covered.

Examples of couches that are difficult to slipcover, include the camelback, barrel back, wingback, or roll back sofas.

Materials Used on Designer Sofas

Knowing which materials are used in the making of designer couches and sofas are almost more important than knowing the actual names and shapes of the sofas. Many different fabric types and leather options are available.

The above guidelines should cover the basics you need to know before investing in designer pieces for your home.  Armed with the basics, view our full range of designer couches and sofas, and select the pieces that will fit your home and available space. You will find that we stock everything from couches and sofas, to beds, tables, side tables, coffee tables, and even outdoor furniture pieces. All our furniture pieces have one thing in common, and that is quality.

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