Do You Know What Goes into the Making of Leather Chesterfield Sofas?

Leather chesterfield sofas are as popular today as these amazing furniture pieces have been through the ages. However, knowing the basics of what goes into leather chesterfield sofas will help you understand why you will love our collection. Read on to learn more.

Material That Equals Durability

Leather is made from cured animal skins. The process is called tanning, and it is what makes the end-product so durable, beautiful to look at, and comfortable on any furniture piece. Every hide has its own characteristics, speaking to the life of the hide.

Leather Used in the Making of Chesterfield Sofas

The tanning process entails several stages of material working. The hide is salted. This is to ensure that it is preserved for the tanning process. It is also bathed in various chemicals to remove follicles, and to give it a bit of body. Thereafter, the leather is split into two layers. The upper layer is what is used in leather furniture making. It is grained and extremely strong. It is tanned more and dried. Each hide undergoes inspection with the less scarred pieces used for full grain leather chesterfield sofas. The slightly scarred pieces are buffed to become corrected grain material for chesterfield sofas.

Types of Finishes

You get chesterfield sofas made from pigmented leather that boast superb durability and consistent surfaces. The polymer surface coating contains pigments, which provide improved scuff, fade, and spoil resistance. Many of the modern sofas are made from pigmented leather.

Aniline leather has a natural look and feel to it, but because of this, it requires more care in maintaining it. This is not the type of leather you want to have in your house if you have several large pets, but it is certainly a good choice if you want an expensive look and feel. Some marking can be expected, and there are variations in shade.

The semi-aniline leather chesterfield sofas have the natural appearance of aniline leather, and offer more durability, but these couch surfaces do not have the full natural character of aniline leather. The durability of pigmented leather is obtained, while the natural feel of aniline is embedded.

Understand the Difference Between Full Grain and Corrected Grain

If you are after a full natural look, and want natural blemishes to show, then you will want to buy full grain sofas. Corrected grain surfaces do not have the natural blemishes, and have distinctive modern appearances. Vintage-styled chesterfields have the full gain finishes, whilst the contemporary modern styled ones have corrected grain finishes. It is a matter of taste, and how the pieces will fit in with your overall home décor.

Where to Buy

Never compromise on style and elegance for the sake of practicality. Also, never compromise on durability for the sake of price. Thirdly, never compromise on your taste for the lack of something that suits your requirements being available. You will thus want to buy from a supplier that guarantees quality, has the range you need, and can deliver on your leather chesterfield sofa needs. We are that supplier, and invite you to browse our exquisite collection.

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