Upgrade Your Lodge or Guesthouse with Designer Beds

Are you an entrepreneur, trying to make your business work? Are you struggling to stay open, and are hoping to get a few guests over the holiday seasons with specials? Well, maybe it is time for an upgrade. Spruce up those bedrooms with the ultimate designer beds, chic curtains, and state-of-the-art décor. All people really want is to get away from the busy city, and relax in a luxury bedroom with amazing furniture.

Designer Beds for Your Guesthouse

If you have not found the perfect beds to wow guests yet, look no further with this list of incredible designer beds that can turn any room into a haven of luxury:

  • Divan bed
  • Sleigh bed
  • Upholstered bed
  • Platform bed
  • Bunk with trundle bed

Why Divan Beds Are Just Right for A Guesthouse

Divan beds are very popular and minimalistic in design. These designer beds can fit any stylish room perfectly. Sometimes they feature drawers underneath to create extra storage space. The storage area is the perfect place to put extra blankets, towels, or sheets. If you do not have a lot of space, and you do not have storage space for clean bedding, then this is a great way to keep the room neat and spacious.

Why Sleigh Beds Are Great for Lodges

The sleigh bed is typically made out of heavy wood, and has curves similar to a real sleigh. The furniture pieces will fit any cabin or lodge. Since the style gives a warm and cosy feeling, you can add a luxury sleigh bed for a feeling of opulence. The units can be made out of other materials, such as aluminium, steel, and iron as well.

Why Upholstered Beds Are Perfect for Upmarket Settings

These designer beds feature headboards that have been covered in fabric, and offer deep buttoning just like the chesterfield sofa. You can place a buttoned ottoman at the feet, and have a stylish room immediately. The soft and comfortable feel of this style is superb for a romantic getaway. Couples will be lining up to have their honeymoons in a place with theses amazing designer beds.

Platform Beds Are Ultra-Modern

If you are going for a modern and minimalistic look, the platform style bed is an impeccable choice. This is a simple design, and great to avoid mildew in the mattress. The style provides the mattress with excellent ventilation.

Bunk Beds with Trundles Are the Backpacker’s Dream

If you are trying to save on space, and want to create a big dorm-type sleeping quarter, then opt for the bunk bed with a trundle. Instead of just one or two people, it can sleep three. Now you can fit six people in a room comfortably, and have the bed take up less space than three conventional bunk beds.

Designer beds impress people all over the world. Do not close your business in the middle of the holidays. Buy new beds, and fill up those rooms in no time.

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