How to Incorporate Luxury Chesterfield Couches with Your Existing Furnishings

Although it is a mystery as to how exactly and where the style got its name, it is still among the most popular of sofa designs. Adding a deep buttoned, rolled arm, and stylish chesterfield couch to your furniture collection will be the best decision ever. The only question is: “How do you fit one or more luxury chesterfield couches with the rest of your furniture and décor?”

It is an iconic sofa style. Couches from the style are typically made with leather, but stand out in fabrics too. The chesterfield couch style is known for its high-quality design and extreme comfort. Experience the comfort by following the tips on how to seamlessly integrate the luxury chesterfield couches with the rest of your home furnishings.

Be Courageous and Choose a Bold Colour

If you have a neutral colour scheme going, maybe all you need is a bright red or magenta sofa to awaken the room. By placing a luxury couch with a bold colour in a dreary styled room, all the attention will be on the stunning chesterfield. Now that is how you brighten up a room.

Two Couches Are Better Than One

For a more completed look, place two couches across from each other to create the perfect conversation arrangement. You can still opt for a bold colour to make a statement, or you can go more formal with beige or brown. With contrasting colours, you do not have to be concerned about a perfect fit with the other furnishings.

Mimic the Buttoning

If all you want is for the luxury chesterfield to fit in, then a buttoned ottoman will do the trick. You can even repeat the button effect with buttoned up dining chairs. As an alternative, place a few buttoned throw pillows on the sofa, and the pattern is set for integration, unless you have two couches, which already ensure a coherent look and feel.

Take It to The Bedroom

Why should the comfort stop in the living room when you can have it anywhere in your house? By placing a small chesterfield in the main bedroom, you can have a private visiting area. You can even place a few on an outside deck, as long as it has a roof, of course. Use a tarp to cover the couches when not using them, and enjoy the outdoors on your new luxury sofas.

Such an elegant piece of furniture will certainly impress visitors if placed in the guestroom, giving them a place to relax in private.

Space for The Whole Family with A Corner Unit

With an extended family or many guests, squeezing onto a small chesterfield might be difficult. In this instance, buy a larger corner unit. The corner placement enables space saving, while still providing enough seating space. You can add a round coffee table to mimic the curves of the luxury sofa, or add complementary barrel chairs to the arrangement.

It does not matter what type of chesterfield you decide to buy. With the right placing and décor, it will look great in any home. Nevertheless, you do not have to settle for only one. Browse our collection of luxury chesterfield couches, and you may very well decide to add more than one to your living room.

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