Looking for New Luxury Beds and Headboards?

A bedroom is a place to relax, forget about the stress of work, and sleep comfortably. It is your own personal paradise, and if it does not feel comfortable enough, then you need to transform it into a space where your body and mind can rejuvenate. If your bedroom is not your safe and comfortable haven, it might be because you need a new luxury bed and headboard.

Six Different Types of Luxury Bed Styles

To get the full bedroom experience, your bed has to look inviting. What better way is there to spruce up beds than with headboards? Below are a few different bed styles. Some already have headboards, and with the others, you just have to add the headboards and you are set to go.

Platform Style

This style of bed typically does not feature footboards, but only headboards. Platform beds are often made from natural wood materials. Instead of a box spring, this style uses slats for support. This means that you only need a mattress for the frame to be perfect. It provides adequate ventilation for the mattress by itself.

Canopy Style

The canopy style has four posts, rising high beyond the mattress. The posts are connected by crossbeams, and are usually draped with fancy fabrics. Surrounded by curtains, this type of bed forms your own private sanctuary. It may even feel as if you are royalty when you sleep in one of these luxury beds.

Four-Poster Style

This style bed also has four posts that rise above the mattress like the canopy. However, the posts are not connected, and cannot be used to drape fabric. Luxury beds, forming part of the four-poster category, have headboards and no footboards. The posts can be short, extending just above the mattress, or they can reach high, almost touching the ceiling.

Bunk Bed Style

The bunk bed is extremely popular among kids, and is a great space saver. It features two beds placed on top of each other with a ladder or stairs to reach the top bed. You can get a simple style of just two beds on top of each other, or a full loft that features a desk and drawers. Some bed sets in this category feature an extra bed underneath to accommodate another kid. The bunker bed is not suited for the master bedroom, but is certainly a winner for a young teen’s bedroom.

Folding Style

The folding style is a fabulous choice for your guest bedroom, as the bed can fold into a small cupboard type structure to be hidden when not in use. It may not be for the master bedroom, but it certainly will not disappoint teen guests.

Adjustable Style

If reading books, watching TV, using a laptop, or just enjoying breakfast in bed is your thing, look at some adjustable luxury beds and headboards. Beds in this category can be adjusted to various heights for upright seating, or only partial for relaxed reading. These luxury beds also feature headboards, but not usually footboards.

View our range of luxury beds and headboards for sale, and you will agree that it is possible to enjoy exceptional comfort in your bedroom without having to compromise on style and elegance.

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