How to Clean your Leather Couches

If you do not own leather furniture, you can look for leather couches for sale to liven up your house now. The leather couches for sale in our collection require very little maintenance, but the furniture pieces still need to be cleaned occasionally. To avoid damaging the luxurious leather couches, you have to follow the right cleaning methods.

Tips on Cleaning Leather

With a wide variety of couches for sale, it is necessary to determine what type of leather your couch is made of to avoid using the wrong cleaning products. Below are tips to clean leather furniture pieces.

Why Check the Label?

This is to find out whether it is protected or unprotected leather. You can also look on the website of the manufacturer, or any paper work that was supplied upon purchase, to determine the type of leather. Do not skip the step, as you might use the wrong methods or cleaning products and ruin an expensive couch. Protected leather is more stain-resistant than unprotected leather.

What Are the Right Materials?

Distilled water, non-detergent liquid soap, or special liquid soap offered for sale by leather furniture manufacturers, should be used. Only use soft microfiber cloths and conditioner, as recommended by the manufacturer. You will also need a vacuum cleaner with a brush adjustment. Though various home remedies are advertised on the Internet, you should only follow manufacturer recommendations when cleaning your furniture pieces. Many home remedies have not been tested, and might not be supported by your warranty. Of course, when you buy one of the leather couches for sale from Riverwalk Furniture, you can ask our salespeople about the correct cleaning procedures and products to use.

How to Test the Methods

Find a small spot underneath, or at the back, that will not be easily seen where you can test the method and cleaning product. Give it time to properly dry, and see whether it has had a positive or negative effect on the sofa. It is also a good idea to contact the manufacturer to find out if they have any specific methods to clean. For unprotected leather, most people just dust and vacuum, as it is sensitive to staining and scratching.

Conditioning is Optional

You can apply approved leather conditioner after cleaning to keep the leather soft and flexible, but make sure you only do so after having spoken to the manufacturer. Avoid conditioner that contains wax or silicone. This could make the surface sticky forever. Always check the label to avoid methods that might damage the furniture piece.

Avoid Staining

Keep your couches out of direct sunlight, and wipe off any spills immediately. The longer a spill is left on the sofa, the more likely it is that it will stain. Use a white cloth when cleaning, so that the colour does not mix with the leather if it is unprotected.

Cleaning Method

Vacuum first to get rid of dust, pet hairs, and dirt. Mix the soap with water, according to the dilution quantity shown on the bottle, and wipe with a clean cloth. Afterwards, use distilled water and a clean cloth to wipe again, and then dry with a soft towel. When the furniture has completely dried, you can apply the conditioner for the final touch.

However, if you buy one of our leather couches for sale, we highly recommend that you enquire about appropriate cleaning methods and products to use.

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