Outdoor Decorating with Patio Furniture

Summer is near, and it is time to get that outdoor guest area up to par with new patio furniture. Big or small, an outdoor deck always brings tremendous pleasure in the warm months. By arranging your patio furniture in the correct way, you can make any deck look spectacular, and thus ensure that the deck comes to its full potential.

How to Arrange Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

Avoid having to rearrange repeatedly to get the right fit. By planning the arrangement and placing the pieces perfectly, you can enjoy it faster. Below are some tips for placing your outdoor patio furniture.

Outdoor Focal Points

Outdoor focal points are more exciting than indoors. This could be your newly built deck, a flourishing rose garden or a warm fire pit. Whatever it is you want to show off on the outside of your house, use it. Place your furniture around or near the focal point to attract attention to it. If you have chosen an area without a roof, it will be wise to get a gazebo or tarp to cover the furniture in case of rain.

Avoid Congestion

When planning the layout, think of where people will enter and exit. Make sure there is enough space for them to reach all the chairs, couches, or tables, and that they have sufficient space to walk around freely. This is your outside space, and it is meant to feel spacious, not crowded.

Place it Right

It is best to place your longest sofa against the longest wall. This will save space and help to have enough seating for everyone. Place the other chairs and smaller couches around it to make it look like a complete living room set.

Remember to Make it Feel Like Home

Place pot plants around for an eco-friendly feeling. Pet beds, so your fluffy friends can join in the excitement, and ottomans for ultimate relaxation, can also be added. To complete the look, add a few rugs and coffee tables, magazines and books, and maybe a small Zen garden on a side table.

Give Yourself Options

Separate areas so you can have more than one outside entertainment place. One side of your deck can be filled with couches to create a living area, and can be separated with an L-shaped sofa to add a dining area on the other side. You can have a few patio chairs around the fireplace. Consider adding a small table and chairs in the garden to create a relaxation spot for the warmer summer months.

Organised and Stylish

Decorate with throw pillows and extra lighting. Add blankets for the winter and rustic artwork for decoration. Remember to keep it neat and tidy, so it is not mistaken for an additional storage space. Less is often more when it comes to usage and placement of outdoor patio furniture.

Outdoor living usually brings out the fun in people. Adding an entertainment area is thus essential for the warmer summer months. Start with a selection of our patio furniture.

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