The Most Luxurious Leather Sofas for Sale

 If you are looking for luxury leather sofas for sale, you need to identify your style preferences first, and then consider the comfort level. With so many sofa designs out there, it is difficult to say which would be the most relaxing. However, we can name a few that definitely set the bar high. Below is a list of six extremely luxurious sofas:

  • English roll-arm
  • Tuxedo
  • Track arm
  • Slipcovered
  • Mid-century
  • Chesterfield

Why is The English Roll-arm on The List?

It is quite simple. This sofa style is more compact than the more conventional roll-arm, and is fully padded for extra comfort. It has a low seat, which lets you sink in and relax. This style luxury leather sofa is perfect for any setting. If you are wondering where this magnificent style was first seen, it was most probably in the UK, though nobody knows for sure.

No, You Do not Need a Bow Tie

The tuxedo sofa has an elegant name, as it boasts a sophisticated look that suits a more formal environment. The arms and back are at the same height. The inside area is typically tufted, and the sides and back are tall. This couch is definitely not for the relaxed family living room, but can make any room tasteful with its glamorous style. Its name apparently came from a village in New York, Tuxedo Park, where the suit originated.

Kick off Your Running Shoes

Track arm did not get its name from sports, but it is certainly a comfortable couch for unwinding after a soccer match or two. The arms of this luxury leather sofa are squared and flat, making it possible to rest your arms comfortably with a refreshing beverage in one hand, while watching your favourite sports channel. Not only is it relaxing, but it also fits perfectly in a smaller space.

Yes, It is Removable

It says it in the name, so it must be true. A slipcovered sofa has a removable cover, which makes it easy to clean. Just remove the cover and wash. It is undoubtedly a good choice amongst the many luxury sofas for sale if you have children or pets.

Think Modern

 The mid-century sofa is a definite trendsetter with a rectangular shape and light tufting. It is a simple design with short stubby legs that is popular everywhere. Who said short people could not be models? This type of couch is not going to win any awards, but it sure is stunning.

The One and Only Chesterfield

The Chesterfield is amongst the most popular styles of luxury leather sofas for sale. It is a classic. With the back and arms that are the same height, and the button tufting, how can you miss it? We saved the best for last. Classier than even the tuxedo, with rolled arms and extreme comfort, this sofa can bring any room to life. The Chesterfield is unquestionably a conversation starter, especially considering the unsolved mystery about the origin of its name.

The sofa is made for comfort, and leather is made for luxury. Combine the two and you get the best piece of furniture ever made. You can never go wrong with our range of luxury leather sofas for sale.

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