Materials and Styles for Designer Coffee Tables

 Have you ever wondered if your living room could look better? It is possible to improve the overall appearance of the room by simply changing one or two furniture pieces. With the right material and coffee table, you can spruce up any room. With a variety of designer coffee tables available, you are spoiled for choice. However, identifying the best type for your living room is what will help you change a dusty or mediocre living room into a conversation paradise.

Material Guide

 Coffee tables can be manufactured from glass, metal, wood, rattan, acrylic-based materials, or a combination of one or more of the materials mentioned.

Glass-based Styles

 It is very rare to get a table that is completely made of glass. Usually, glass-based pieces will have some sort of support structure, either metal or wood. However, in modern society, if you wish it, you can have it. Furniture pieces that are made using only glass are now available on the market. You can get just about any style furniture with glass. What is amazing about having a glass counter is that it is stain-proof and gives an open space feeling to the room. If you are looking for a contemporary look, glass is certainly a good choice.

Metal-based Styles

Metal is an extremely common material used in the design of coffee tables, and it can be used in a variety of ways. The advantage of metal furniture is that the materials are light in comparison to wooden furniture. Metal is also strong, and is often used for tables that can be folded into smaller, more movable parts. Metal often forms the base structure for modern furniture pieces, especially designer pieces that feature glass tops.

Wood-based Styles

 Wood is such an amazing material for any type of furniture. It goes with many different colours, textures, and styles. Wooden furniture pieces provide a feeling of warmth and durability. Of course, wood is heavier and not always the easiest to clean. If you can live with having to be more careful with cleaning and maintaining, then a wooden designer coffee table is a winner.

Acrylic-based Styles

Acrylic can be seen as the mirror image of glass. It also allows for the open space feeling, with a few extra benefits. It is a cheaper material than glass, but it is not as heavy, which makes moving the furniture piece easier. If you are someone who dreams of having a futuristic home, try an acrylic material-based table.

Rattan-based Styles

Rattan is most commonly found in furniture that is suitable for verandas. That said, if combined with the right furniture pieces, the rattan designer coffee tables also fit well in the contemporary-styled living rooms of today.

Versatility is an integral part of our modern society, and new styles of designer coffee tables are created daily. Decide on your theme, material, and style, and greatly enhance the appearance and comfort of your living room. View our full range of designer furniture pieces to find the one that suits your particular living room.

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