The Buyer’s Guide to Dining Room Tables

 They say you should not judge a book by its cover, yet the first thing that catches the eye is always the cover. It also applies to the process of buying dining room tables. Do not only judge a table by its aesthetic appeal. Of course, you want a good-looking piece of furniture, but beauty should not be its only function.

Three Things to Look For in Dining Room Tables

 There is more to dining room tables than meets the eye. The main function of a dining room table is to be a surface on which you can serve food and dine in a comfortable, yet, stylish manner. Therefore, the following important points you need to consider all relate to function:

  • Target group
  • Space and size
  • Style and material

Are You Uncomfortable?

 Have you ever had such an amazing time with friends while sitting in a very uncomfortable position? Chances are you have not. When you are uncomfortable, the only thought that is probably going through your mind is: “How am I going to get out of this?”

If you want your friends and family to have long and enjoyable social evenings, you have to think about their comfort. If you know most of the people who will be visiting for dinner are elderly, consider chairs that facilitate sitting upright. If small kids are expected as part of the guest list, add a lower table to the room, or perhaps next door in the family room, to enable them to sit and enjoy their meals comfortably. If you know you are going to host larger groups, shop for dining room tables with enough seating.

Are You Feeling Crowded?

 Have you ever walked into a room that was packed full of people and you started to feel claustrophobic? With a massive table in a small room, you will get that same effect. Consider the available space for a table and chairs. People must be able to walk around easily without having to say, “excuse me,” all the time or bumping into one another. The quickest way to chase away someone is to smother them with no breathing room. The size of the table should match the space in the room.

Choose a big table for a big room, otherwise it will look empty. Use a smaller table for a small room to create the illusion of space . Round dining room tables make it easier to save space, while still having enough places to sit. So, if you want a larger table, but do not have that much space, select one of our round dining room tables.

To Be Fabulous or Not to Be Fabulous

 Although you should not judge a table by its legs, there is nothing wrong with wanting it to look gorgeous. We offer various styles and designs. It all depends on your taste. When looking for dining room tables, you have to consider whether the one you choose will fit with the rest of your décor. Pick a colour, shape, and look that will fit your style. For a more traditional look, you can buy a full set with matching chairs and tables. If you want to be different, you can always buy the tables and chairs separately. Maybe even use a brightly coloured couch on one side and elegant velvety chairs on the other.


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