Chesterfield Couches are not Just an Urban Legend

 Where the name of this iconic couch style came from is quite a mystery. Although many people own and adore Chesterfield couches, no one really knows the truth about the history of these amazing furniture pieces. If you have never sat on this type of sofa, you are certainly missing out.

What is a Chesterfield Couch?

 If you are unaware of this magnificently comfortable and opulent sofa style, it is time you find out. The most distinctive characteristic of the design is its deep buttoning. Chesterfield couches are also known for their backs and rolled armrests that are the same height. These pieces come in different materials, but the most popular by far, is leather.

Have You Heard About the Famous Phillip Stanhope?

 Some people believe that he was the first person to own one of these Chesterfield couches. It is believed that he asked an artisan to construct an extremely comfortable couch that will allow him to maintain good posture at the same time. As the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, you can imagine why many tell his story, and why many more believe it. However, there are no concrete facts indicating that the legend is the true origin of this couch.

 Perhaps the Chesterfield Originated Somewhere in Canada or America

 There is speculation that the sofa got its name when the century turned. This is because the word “Chesterfield” was apparently used in parts of Canada and America to describe a normal couch. How uninteresting would it be to find out that the classic furniture piece has such a plain and simple story?

Does Paul Fleming Have the Answer to The Frequently Asked Question?

 No, it seems he might also think that the origin of this word is a million dollar question. As a furniture maker at the company that obtained the intellectual property right on the word, you would assume he would have the answer. It has been said that they went to great lengths to learn the truth, but did not succeed in finding any factual evidence. Will anyone ever know where this couch style came from?

If You Knew the Truth, Would It Make A Difference?

 Although it is always fascinating to know exactly where, how, and when something came to be, Chesterfield couches will never go out of style. If you knew who made it and named it, you could tell a story about it, but not knowing can start an entirely new conversation. In the case of this piece, it is safe to say that whether it came from England, America, Canada, or even Africa, the outcome remains the same. The style is loved by many, owned by some, and an inspiration to many who love interior decorating and furniture design.

If it looks good and feels good, then it must be good. What more do you want than to be comfortable and elegant at the same time? We make it possible with an exquisite range of Chesterfield couches.

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