Vintage is the New Black When It Comes to Designer Furniture 

Not all old furniture can be classified as vintage. Some old and classic pieces fall within the antique category, but it depends on the age of the furniture. Vintage furniture is usually between 30 and 100 years old, while antique furniture is often seen as pieces older than a century. Not all pieces between 30 and 100 years are classified as vintage.

Vintage-styled furniture gives you an idea of what the past years or decades held. Vintage rather depicts a style of a past era and does not indicate old or antique as much. When we thus talk about vintage furniture in our product stable, we certainly do not refer to outdated or worn pieces, nor do we refer to antiques.

Be an Individual, Buy Vintage 

Vintage furniture is also not something you see in every house. The style is reminiscent of a particular period and adds the uniqueness you need to have an elegantly decorated house. Filling your home with vintage pieces holds several benefits, which include always being in vogue and providing an interesting conversation topic.  You do not have to buy full sets. A vintage furniture piece can fit in any modern interior if correctly placed and allow for a more eclectic look.

If you browse through our vintage styles, then you would notice exceptional quality, elegance, and certainly the potential to decorate the entire home with timeless pieces that remind us of the glory days of, for instance, aviation. When we say vintage is the new black, you can be assured that the furniture will attract the attention of even the most discerning guests.

We also offer retro style vintage furniture. Retro means looking back. With these pieces, you get a glimpse of the furniture styles from the fifties to the eighties. As such, the vintage furniture pieces we offer add a bit of nostalgia to the home and honour the beloved styles of the past. Authenticity is another word that comes to mind when talking about vintage.

However, retro does not describe vintage that well. Many interior designers use the word “artsy” when referring to vintage. However, our pieces, though certainly creatively designed, have a distinctive classic feel and they fit perfectly in the contemporary environment.

Our Aviator range is perhaps the most striking when it comes to vintage-styled furniture. Paying homage to past aviation, the pieces that combine leather surfaces and a hint of steam-punk are well suited to place in elegant studies, lawyer offices, up-market guesthouse lounge areas, and yes, even modern living rooms.

Why Buy from Us?

Our vintage leather range consists of 1st grade full-grain Analine, corrected grain, and full-grain semi Analine. You can thus choose the level of authenticity you want and will appreciate our 30-year guarantee on the framework. We are a reputable supplier of superior quality furnishings in South Africa. Part of our commitment to quality entails customisation according to client requirements.

We understand that uniqueness is important. Your home should be reflective of your own life journey and preferences and that is why we offer you an extensive range of furniture styles, including the very popular Aviator range.

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