How to Decorate with TV Cabinets 

A TV cabinet can be just what your living room needs. It takes up a bit of space, but can look amazing as long as you choose and place it correctly. Here is how to pick a TV cabinet:

  • Choose a cabinet that fits the available space.
  • Do not buy a stand just because it appears fancy, it will only look good if it matches your other furniture.
  • If you are using an old TV box set, get a sturdy and sizeable stand that can accommodate it.
  • If you have a modern flat-screen television, measure it before buying a stand. You do not want the unit to be a tiny spec in the middle of the stand.

Deciding Where to Place the Cabinet 

Placing your TV cabinet in the right spot is just as important as buying the right style and size. Look around for where the power sources are in the room. The cabinet must be placed as close as possible to the power outlet to avoid unsightly cables from spoiling the overall look of the room. Cables going across the floor are also a safety hazard.

If possible, do not place the TV cabinet right next to a window or with the back facing one. You do not want the glare from the sun to ruin the viewing experience. Check to see whether the screen can easily be seen from various locations in the room.

Place it somewhere in the middle of your seating area. That way the whole family can view it properly. If, however, you do not want the television to form the central focus point of the room, consider investing in a corner cabinet. 

Wall-mounted televisions take up less space, but when it comes to elegance and balancing the room decor, you cannot go wrong with the addition of a TV cabinet. Fortunately, we have an extensive range on offer, enabling you to choose the right style and size for your television, your lifestyle requirements, the available room space, and most importantly the overall interior design of the home. Ultimately, a TV cabinet adds character and brings your lounge together.

If you have console games and DVDs, you will want to consider buying a TV cabinet that offers sufficient space to store your games, remotes, and DVDs without affecting the neatness of the room.

Should You choose Wood or Metal?

Wood adds to a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while steel is certainly modern, but can be on the cold side. The choice between wood and steel depends on the overall interior of the room. To this end, we recommend viewing our product catalogue to determine which style will fit in best with your home’s interior design and your other furnishings. Many of the TV cabinets in our range can double as coffee tables and vice versa. We offer different styles from a bit of steam punk to vintage, ultra-modern and even classic.

Whether you want to add flair, just want something practical, or want a furniture piece that is functional, yet unique enough to spark a discussion whenever someone visits, you will love our range of TV cabinets.

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