Leather Sofas Are Fun! 

At Riverwalk Furniture, we love sofas and provide you with a wide variety of styles to select from to enhance the comfort and appearance of any room.

Some things you may not have known:

  • The original word from which sofa is derived is “suffa” – an old Arabic word meaning “bench”.
  • A sofa sees over 290 arguments in the time it is used, most probably because people spend a great deal of their time on the sofa. 

Did You Know There Are More Than Ten Sofa Designs? 

Chesterfields are sofas that you would very likely see done in leather. These can look extravagant or modest, depending on the application setting. Usually, these furniture pieces have high-rolled and tufted armrests, with the armrests and back at the same height. Restaurants and offices are places where people are likely to put them, but you will also find chesterfields in luxury hotels and upmarket residential settings.

A chaise longue is a type of sofa upon which you can spread out and lean back for a luxurious afternoon of reading. It is an excellent choice for photoshoots, and definitely a must if you want to laze about in the sunroom.

Camelback sofas look good in cigar lounges or any other fancy, upmarket places boasting a chic appearance. The pieces feature hump-like backs and high-rolled armrests. Sometimes, the legs are without fabric and just open wood, providing an edgy look and feel.

There is also the tuxedo sofa with armrests the same height as the back parts. It is a modern style. It has some similarities to the chesterfield style, as it is also very likely to be tufted.

A settee sofa is an excellent choice for the entrance hall of your home. It typically seats two people and it appears to be a real lovebirds’ seat. It is easiest to recognise by its high, straight back and low seat.

There is also a style named the cabriole, which has a round back, open wooden frame and bent legs. It has slightly lower arms than its back and dates back to the 18th century.

The most common type you will find in many homes is the mid-century leather sofa. People often buy it if they want their house to have a modern look and feel to it. It has a rectangular shape and solid square wooden legs.

Last, but not least, we have the English roll-arm sofa. This type is extremely comfortable and a little less formal. The back of the furniture piece usually has non-removable cushions, while the bottom has loose removable cushions. The armrests are round and provide for exceptional comfort when watching television or just for resting your arms while drinking a cup of coffee.

Why Leather?

Leather sofas are exceptionally easy to clean. If you happen to spill a few drops of soda on one of our sofas, you can just wipe up the spillage with a slightly damp cloth. Leather stays in vogue, regardless of the furniture style.

Get the furniture pieces that will add to the elegance of your home. Invest in one of our exquisite leather sofas.

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