The Exciting World of Designer Furniture 

Riverwalk Furniture has some of the best designer furniture you can find in South Africa. Everything from beds to coffee tables – we have it all. Up-style your home, office, lodge, or restaurant overnight by ordering designer furniture pieces from our collection.

The History of Designer Furniture

Furniture design dates back to the beginning of time. People have designed furniture for as long as they have been around. Not necessarily the type of designer furniture we have nowadays, but still furniture with function.

The first real chairs designed were those made for kings. The chairs were called thrones and were quite heavy. The materials and equipment used were not nearly as sophisticated as that available today. Everything was handmade and with materials we cannot imagine using now. Thrones were high-backed chairs made for posh and upmarket society members. Nowadays, we have chairs for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

The masses also had chairs, but the designs were less elaborate. The chairs used for the villagers were called stools. The stools did not have backrests. Although originally made for the workers of the time, stools kept their appeal and the same design is widely used today.

Churches were the places to visit if you wanted to see designer chairs. During the Medieval times, churches featured large and heavy furniture. Do not mistake designer for comfortable. The chairs were beautiful, but certainly not as comfortable as modern designer furniture.

Fun Things You Did Not Know About Furniture

  • The wheels on your office chair would not be there if it was not for Charles Darwin. He got tired of not being able to move around in his chair fast enough. While studying, he decided to put wheels on his chair to be able to move to his tools with ease.
  • Thomas Edison was not only credited for the invention of the light bulb. He was also the inventor of the electric chair, which was one designer piece nobody wanted to use.
  • The oldest chairs on record were discovered in Egypt and yes, the designer furniture pieces are estimated to be 5 000 years old.
  • There has actually been a race with office chairs with an entire crowd participating in it. The race was hosted almost a decade ago in Germany. 

Having an old church bench as a living room couch will definitely mean the end of television. How long could you watch television if you had to sit on a hard and uncomfortable seat? Fortunately, the furniture of today is designed for comfort, function, and aesthetic appeal. However, to enjoy the luxury of comfort, you need to buy the best there is.

We make this possible with our extensive range of comfortable and luxurious designer furniture. Our range is comprehensive, and you have various customisation options, including the selection of materials, sizes, and colours. Make the transition from purely functional furniture to aesthetically appealing, yet comfortable furniture. View our range of products and place your order, or visit our showroom for fresh inspiration and personal assistance.

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