Why We Love Our Beds & Headboards

Everybody loves his or her bed. Sleeping on a couch is just not the same. We spend at least eight hours a day on our beds, just for sleeping. Imagine having a bed that is uncomfortable to sleep on. Riverwalk Furniture is here to save the night. We have a variety of beds and headboards for you to choose from, so you can have the bed that is perfect for you.

Various Types of Beds & Headboards

We cannot all have the same type of bed. Life would be rather dull that way. Below are some of the different beds and headboards to choose from, in order to enhance your bedroom, ensuring something unique to fit your lifestyle requirements.

If you have a small room and you want to save space, but still sleep comfortably, the folding bed is for you. A folding bed has a unique frame, so it can be folded up to save space and unfolded when you want to hit the sack. The neatness of the bed’s style makes it the perfect furniture piece if you are looking for something ready for an on-the-go lifestyle.

If you are not concerned about space saving, and you just love a big family-type bed, the sleigh should be your choice. This type of bed takes up more space and looks amazing doing it. It has a headboard and footboard that bend outwards, similar to the shape of a sleigh. The headboard and footboard are typically made with wood. Be warned though, this type of headboard is slightly heavier than the conventional type. The headboard can be made from materials other than wood, though wood is the preferred choice for this style.

If you have always wanted a fairy-tale bed made for cuddling up, you have to try the canopy bed. The bed has four poles extending to a frame, with a stunning canopy on top. You can cover the entire bed with the curtains down, almost as if you have your own secret sleeping quarters.

The bunk bed is well suited for small spaces. If you have kids or you want to make a dorm room, the bunk with trundle bed is a good choice. This bed sleeps one on top and one at the bottom. That is not all! You have an extra bed underneath the bottom bed for when a friend is visiting. It saves space and easily sleeps three people.

Now that you have an idea of the most common types of beds and headboards, consider the following interesting facts about beds:

• There are actually people who are afraid of going to bed. The term for this is clinophobia. Imagine having the most comfortable bed, but being terrified to use it – now that is scary!

• Winston Churchill claimed that a mid-day nap was what helped him take the right actions to win the war.

• In Persia, the first waterbeds were made from goatskins, which were filled with water.

When you buy one of our beds and headboards, you will want to go to bed, and perhaps knowing some trivia about beds and headboards will be just what the doctor ordered to make the transition from being wide awake to falling asleep, without having to count sheep.

Buy one of our beds or headboards, and you will never want to get out of bed again.

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