Fun Facts about Leather Sofas and Couches to Impress Friends and Family

We are all about furniture and are serious about quality, but to lighten up your day we have put together a few fun facts about leather sofas and couches. Of course, the facts will not get you into Oxford University or even get you a promotion, but will make for interesting conversation at your next dinner occasion. 

Origin of the word “sofa”

Every word has a root and sofa is no different. The word “sofa” was derived from the word “suffah”. The Arabians invented the word, also giving you an indication where the first sofas came from. The meaning of “suffah” is a platform for seating. Whether leather or fabric was used for the first sofas is still a mystery. The earliest types originated from the 17th Century and not from the Middle East, but Europe. The sofas of the time had side panels that could be lowered to change the seating into bed space. The furniture pieces were called long seats at the time. Characteristic of the older sofas were the long seats, armrests on both sides and the high backs. 

Did you know there is a difference between a leather sofa and a leather couch?

Though the two words are used interchangeably to refer to comfortable seating you can find in a lounge there are a few differences. Sofas come with padded armrests, plush cushions, sometimes built-in bed space, and extra seating. Couches are made specifically for conversation and not usually as sleeping spaces. Couches are often smaller and take up less space. The arm designs are straight as are the backs. With many similarities, one can understand why people do not usually make a distinction between leather sofas and leather couches. However, if you want to start an argument with your family over something trivial, just point out the differences between sofas and couches. 

Origin of the word “couch”

Now see this is where you will have an advantage in the discussion since you will know the origin of the word “couch” as well. Indeed, it comes from the Latin word “collocare” and later the French word of “couche”. It referred to the verb of putting in place or lying down. The word “sofa” only came into use during the 17th Century in England where it was used for a raised floor surface covered with soft pillows for seating. Couches were used also in Rome where the furniture pieces were often used in dining rooms instead of normal chairs. Men would socialise around the dining room tables sitting on couches while their female companions had to sit on upright chairs. 

Many people will sit on your leather sofas

It is not a fact, but it is estimated that on average more than 780 people will sit on a sofa during its lifetime. Fortunately, leather is exceptionally strong and durable, so you can expect your leather sofas to be as comfortable in a couple of years as the stylish furniture pieces are today.

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