Quick Look at the History of Dining Room Tables

All the trends in dining room tables we see today are based on inspirations of the ancient civilisations. Make no mistake, the modern sleek lines are unique to this day and age, but the solidness of the tables, the wood, and the culture of dining room tables go back to the Greeks and the Romans. The truth is that the history goes even beyond the Greeks. The Egyptians were the first civilisation to have used such tables for having surfaces where they could dine. Indeed, the word table is derived from the Latin word “tabula” that means wooden plank, flat piece or board.

The dining room tables of the Middle Ages could seat extended families. The tables were placed in a large room that was spacious enough to accommodate the large households of the time. The dining room was more like a hall where the head family sat at the large table forming the focal point of the room with their extended family, friends, and workers taking up the benches.

The Black Plague struck Europe and many labourers died. The feudal system was at its end and then came religious persecutions. Smaller family gatherings became the norm and the need for excessively long dining room tables disappeared. Even the nobility separated from the other people and enjoyed their meals in the parlour, which eventually became the dining room, as we know it today.

A trend developed where the men would stay behind after dinner to discuss the business of the day and to enjoy drinks. As such, the dining room tables of the time had a masculine character. The Victorian period followed and even the table legs of the dining room table were considered unseemly. The outcome was that the dining room tables of the period had covered legs.

Families became smaller during the 20th century and the dining room became the formal dinner place with the kitchen or the veranda where most meals were enjoyed. The dining room tables of today are reflective of the lifestyle changes that have taken place over the years; we get from small four-seat to eight-seat tables. However, some homes feature an extra room for special occasions and here you will find long dining room tables that can seat as many as 16 persons.

The surfaces have changed over the years, but you will be glad to know that we offer an extensive range of dining room tables and the variety of surfaces is just as extensive. Practicality, functionality and aesthetic appeal are words to describe our range of tables. As such, we have styles for every type and size of dining room. You can choose from long to round and square tables.

The dining room is far from dead in modern society. It has certainly changed in character from the Middle Ages, but it is still an essential part of the home. However, many modern homes have open plan designs with the dining room, kitchen, and lounge being adjacent. With such also comes the need for less formal tables and here too you will love our range of semi-formal tables and even a few unusually shaped surfaces.

With so many options available, buying the right dining room table for your home is an important decision and one with which we can help you with. For some great advice, feel free to contact us today.

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