8 Interior Décor Mistakes to Avoid

Carefully selected and placed designer décor will greatly enhance the interior of your home. With our extensive selection of designer décor, you have everything at one supplier, including stunning furniture for your entire home. However, to help you make the most of interior design, we discuss the top eight interior design mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keeping to neutral colours only

Unless you are willing to live your life without ever being bold, do add a splash of boldness with unusual colours such as oxblood or even grass green to your home. The secret is to balance colours. Overdoing it with too many bold colours is not the solution. One or two walls or perhaps designer décor that makes a bold statement is all you need to bring the exceptional beauty of your home to the forefront.

  1. Only buying designer décor that matches the colours of your walls or furniture

Stop looking at art and décor with matching in mind. A true poet first thinks about the message and play-with-words before he thinks of rhyme. Buy art and décor you absolutely love, and you will be able to create a poetically inspiring home environment.

  1. Only buying what is trendy

The funny thing about a trend is that it is sure to change. What is in today is old news two years from now. Style never goes out of fashion and our furniture is stylish. Instead of following every new trend on Pinterest, bring out the creative you. Choosing designer décor that speaks to your personal taste is more important than choosing an art piece because everyone talks about it on his or her social media page.

  1. Placing art too high

Your guests should not have to look up and strain their muscles in the process just to enjoy the beauty of art works on the walls. You can place art and designer décor as low as 1.4 meters from the ground and be able to make a stunning statement.

  1. Choosing a too small rug

The floating rug has become such an integral part of the modern home that few people realise the irritation caused by a too small rug in proportion to the room. Choose an area rug that fits just underneath the furniture pieces in the particular arrangement and give your interior a splice of freshness.

  1. Cluttering shelves

Do not overstuff the shelves with décor. Even designer pieces can lose their lustre if cramped into a small space. Rather pack away extra items to gain an uncluttered look and feel.

  1. Over indulging in stainless steel

Stainless steel is cold and it tends to break up flow in a kitchen with wooden cabinets. Nobody is saying that you should never have any stainless-steel pieces in your kitchen or bathroom, but rather that you should use it with moderation. With too many pieces, your kitchen will eventually look like a hospital kitchen.

  1. Loving landscapes more than what is near

Art should inspire, invoke, uplift, add to and not take away. If the walls are covered by dull landscapes, you can be sure that your guests will not have anything to compliment. Be different, choose from our range of unusual and rather inspiring artworks and designer décor to bring out the conversationalists in your guests.

If you are looking for more interior design tips, please feel free to contact us at Riverwalk Furniture.

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