Trends in Contemporary African Décor and Interior Design

When you think of African décor, you might imagine curio pieces such as facemasks and mini drums, complemented by zebra hide rugs. However, contemporary African décor is representative of all the cultures that call the harsh African landscape home.

Modern African décor has something from every country on the continent. You are bound to see some Egyptian elements in the works, perhaps a bit of Morocco, fusion of Ghana and Kenya, and even maybe something of the Renaissance embedded in the contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Think big and you can already see the African beast painted over rough wood hanging on the wall behind your designer leather sofa. Dream of hunting and you get the oversized sketch of an African hunter. It is possible to incorporate the beauty, masculinity and uniqueness of Africa with contemporary furnishings without your home looking like a lodge on the open plains.

The animals and people of Africa form the central theme of such décor. Expect to see colours such as white, black, dark brown, and grey when it comes to the African décor pieces. Due to the harshness of this beautiful continent, power and strength are reflected in the décor, which works well with dark mahogany pieces. Virility is another underlying theme of the bush, which is also, why you will see many unique sculptures embracing the magnificence of the continent and its inhabitants.

Boldness is what African décor is about and with the Pan-African and European fusion of arts we find in modern interior design, it goes without saying that a bit of the cultivated Europe is also well represented in the modern African décor found in contemporary South African homes.

When it comes to the choice of textiles, hand painted tablecloths and placemats come to mind. Burlap is a popular fabric choice in addition to leather. Our range of contemporary furniture is complemented by the range of African décor. Carved wood sculptures also form part of the range. Add a warrior feeling to the home with the masks and unusual sculptures, sure to inspire creative discussions about the cultures of the continent.

What is extremely important to remember is that less is more when it comes to African décor. Too many pieces can become overwhelming, especially because of the boldness of such pieces. Rather add more undertones through sandstone tiles or treated concrete floors, sisal mats, and neutral wall colours with sandy texture. Choose three to five large African décor pieces from our collection and then work your choice of furnishings and the overall theme of the room.

Start your interior design plan for an African feel by first choosing the colour scheme. Decide whether you want to go with safari colours or perhaps pastels from Egypt and Morocco. Paint one wall in a terracotta colour or keep it light and add a few colour pillows.  Now select the African décor pieces and then decide where to place the items.

When it comes to variety, authenticity, and quality, you will love our exquisite range of artworks, décor and furnishings. View our catalogues and save money by ordering online.

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