Balance Your Living Room with the Right Choice of Wooden Coffee Table

Styling the living room is one of the most enjoyable design activities you can perform when revamping your home. The last piece of furniture to select for the living room is normally the coffee table. In this regard, you will love our range of wooden coffee tables. Normally, you will pick seating first as this helps you to decide the height, size, and overall style of the coffee table.

Our range of wooden coffee tables will not disappoint and even if you intended to go with a brass base at first, once you have seen the elegance of the wooden coffee tables you will change your mind. All that will be left is to choose between drawers or shelves, and round or tapered legs. Indeed, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the styles and sizes available.

Nevertheless, let us make it a bit easier to choose from our range of wooden coffee tables by looking at important considerations. 


The perfect distance between the table and the seat should be just close enough to put a magazine down without having to uncomfortably stretch and just far enough from the seat to be able to stretch your legs without bumping the coffee table. Leave about 45 cm between the table and the seat.

The general rule is also to leave about 75 cm from the outer edge of the table to the television cabinet. If you are pressed for space, choose one of our smaller wooden coffee tables, enabling you to leave about 60 cm from the outer edge to the television stand. 


You most probably have seen living rooms where the wooden coffee tables look out of place because of incorrect heights. Do not spoil the aesthetic appeal and balance of the living room with a table that is too high or too low. Coffee tables are usually 40 to 45 cm high, but if your seating is higher, go with a table of about 50 to 52 cm high. The higher tables are also more suited for entertainment spaces where you want to make it easier for guests to place their cups or dessert plates on a table. 


If you have slim and streamlined styled couches, balance the room with a bulkier and solid wooden coffee table. Likewise, if the leather sofa is big or you have a solid colour sofa you may want to opt for a table with a glass surface. 

Child-Friendly Choice

If you have small children, do not buy a table with sharp edges. Chances are that the little ones will bump into the edges several times before they grow up. Choose one of our oval or rounded edge wooden coffee tables. 

Choose Family-Friendly

If you use the coffee table in the family living room, select one with shelving or drawers, giving you storage space for magazines, television remotes, console games and the likes. It will help to keep the coffee table clutter-free. 


If your living room has a rather cold ambience, consider bringing some warmth to the room with one of our elegant wooden coffee tables.

For more great advice about our range of wooden coffee tables, visit our store today.

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