How to Arrange the Furniture in the Family Room for Optimal Comfort and Ambience

The family room is a place where members of the family come together, where friends are entertained, and where everyone relaxes. It is the place where one watches television, listens to music, reads a book, or takes a day nap. It is understood that the ambience must be warm and welcoming. Nothing can be more comfortable and inviting than leather sofas, making such furniture pieces a must for the den or the family room.

We share a few tips below on how to style the family room or den with the inclusion of comfortable leather sofas. 

Minimum Space

A basic rule of thumb, when it comes to space planning, is to leave enough room between all the furniture pieces, including the leather sofas and the coffee table to make it easier to get in and out of seating without bumping another person or furniture piece in the process. For this, keep the 60 cm rule in mind. You want to keep between 50 and 60 cm between furniture pieces as to minimise the risk of the family room becoming a little bit too cramped for comfort. 

Create Focal Points

The television is a focal point in any modern family room. So is a fireplace. If it is a television room, you will want to arrange the leather sofas and chairs opposite each other with a TV stand to the side where the television can be placed. You can also use a credenza to connect the leather couch and the leisure chairs. If the family room includes a fireplace and television set, which are at different walls, you will have to choose which one should be the focal point. In such an instance, you will want to invest in lighter furniture pieces, such as ottomans and chairs or sofas with wheels that can be moved around to the areas where needed. 

Cater for Social Times

Many houses no longer feature the formal living rooms and television rooms separately. If your house has one living room, it will also be the social gathering spot. For such, you will want to facilitate conversation by investing in chairs with wheels or ottomans that can be moved around to accommodate more guests and create social circles.

If you have a separate living and family room, then the family room will be mostly focussed on the television. In this regard, it will be best to invest in one of our exceptionally comfortable leather sofas and two chairs or perhaps two couches and a chair or two ottomans. Whichever applies to your setting, keep enough space around the furniture pieces, including the leather sofas, to allow for travel paths. Be sure to create clear travel paths to avoid people falling over each other’s legs or bumping cups off tables. 


For a family room with the focal point being the fireplace, create an area where two persons can have a conversation. Leave the leather sofa to face the television set, but be sure to create a corner for two persons to have a conversation without having to exclude others in the room completely.

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