The Origin and Short History of Leather Couches 

Leather couches are as popular today as these fine furniture pieces have been during the Renaissance in Europe.

Leather, as a natural product, has always been a sought-after commodity. It is durable, aesthetically appealing, and versatile. Such remarkable features set leather apart from many other materials when it comes to usage in the upholstery of luxury couches and chairs.

Back in the Renaissance days, the Spanish, in particular, loved leather couches. Indeed, the artisans from the Spanish nation applied from unique painting to embossing methods to create one-of-a-kind leather surfaces. The tanning of leather hides, which developed into a fine art in the 18th century, significantly improved the durability of the couches made during the period.

Although leather couches are still considered exclusive furniture pieces, in those days only the very rich could afford such sofas. Burgundy, blackberry, rust, and turquoise were among the popular choices for the elegantly styled leather couches of time. Glossy surfaces were preferred, whilst styles dating from that era include the saddle arm and the double pub couches. Of course, Chesterfields were also very prominent in the abodes of the more affluent members of the public.

Further advances in technology have made it possible to construct soft surface leather couches that can feature from pleated leather surfaces to draped styles in a variety of colours.

Today, various leathers are in use in the making of modern leather couches with aniline being rather popular because of the soft texture. This makes it possible to create exceptionally comfortable and inviting leather couches. Tumbled aniline is also used in the manufacturing of contemporary leather sofas. The tumbling process makes it possible to offer a variety of leather colours. With the dye addition, it is possible to give the leather a unique patina. Leather couch buyers can now choose to buy semi-aniline leather sofas, which are rather affordable, considering the process of designing the furniture pieces.

The art of creating furniture pieces that are unique, extremely comfortable, and aesthetically appealing has come a long way since the days of the Renaissance. When you thus buy leather couches, you do not just buy furniture pieces, you purchase highly functional artworks. Even though the modern usage of leather in the making of couches comes from the Renaissance period, leather has been used in the making of artefact as long ago as 40 000 B.C.

Early men made clothing and shelters with the rough hides, as well as arrow quivers. Leather was also made into strong armour protection pieces, but it was the Greek civilisation where we find the very first leather couch. The loved Chesterfield style is, however, more recent with the first of its kind according to popular reporting, commissioned by Philip Dormer Stanhope who was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield.  Of course, it also explains the name of the furniture style.

In modern times, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to styles, colours, textures and leather types used in the making of couches. We invite you to buy a piece of history and art by purchasing one of the stunning leather couches in our furniture collection. Please browse through our online catalogue to see what wonderful pieces of functional art we have when it comes to our range of leather couches.

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