Vintage Furniture to Celebrate the Connection Between the Old and the New 

Is it safe to say that many people are infatuated with retro- and classic-looking furniture pieces, which have made a comeback? Indeed, vintage furniture stays trendy, whether it is the 19th, 20th, or even the 21st century. Whether you go for the chic, truly classic, or the retro styles, you are sure to have furniture that speaks to your sense of style.

One of the latest furniture trends is to mix modern and vintage. It makes for unique interiors and, of course, ample reasons to start up conversations, even if you have almost nothing in common with your guests. Perhaps it is the inventiveness of our range of vintage furniture, or maybe it is just because elegance never goes out of style, but our range of vintage pieces never fails to disappoint.

The modern, but vintage, styled furniture pieces bring thoughts of hippies, cigar-smoking Cubans, the age of aviation, and even majestic boardrooms to memory. Everything from comfortable recliner seats reminding one of the days when television just made inroads in South Africa, to leather couches reminiscent of expensive law offices, form part of our collection of vintage furniture. However, these pieces do not have the signs of wear and tear that come with age and use. Instead, you get well-crafted quality pieces that can fit into any interior, whether country styled, modern, chic, earthy, or retro.

As a trailblazing furniture manufacturer and importer, we are about new trends and as such, bring South African homeowners the edgiest unique vintage furniture items on the market. Evident of our focus on reaching for the best, our range of vintage furniture is about aesthetic appeal, ageless elegance, optimal comfort, and sturdiness. These pieces, although vintage in character, can fit just about any contemporary styled home.

Chesterfields for Comfort

If the name reminds you of a southern estate in Kentucky, USA, then it is only because chesterfields were also prominent in the days of tobacco and tea trade in the southern parts of America. But, other than that, the only connection is the vintage heritage. We offer various chesterfields featuring genuine leather upholstery and superb workmanship. With appearances so appealing that no guest will be able to resist the seating, the chesterfields in our range are engineered with a contemporary style in mind. We also recognise the importance of colour in interior design, and thus offer you a wide selection of colours, styles, and shapes.

Bring Back the Romance of the Aviation Period

Remember those jackets, awkward-looking flying glasses, and leather gloves of WWI pilots? Also, remember all the classic aviation lounges depicted in old movies? Now, you can have some of the romance and style from this period with our Aviator furniture range. The vintage look and feel of the pieces in this range are undoubtedly sought after. These vintage styled furniture items are as vogue today as when the style was first introduced.

Characterised as items that represent the high calibre of workmanship of the past, the vintage furniture in our range celebrates the beauty of bygone eras.

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