Bring Out the Best in Dark Leather Sofas with these Styling Tips 

Leather sofas are even more popular today than in the nineties, but one issue that many people struggle with is how to decorate and arrange furniture around leather sofas to create the perfect balance. Of course, after just one look at our stunning range of couches available in various styles, leather finishes, and colours, you will already be inspired. However, if you are short on ideas regarding ways in which to make your living room impress, then you will love the tips shared below. 

Give Some Light 

If you fancy the masculine feel of the darker leather sofa, but still want to maintain a feminine touch in the living room, balance it out with lighter colours, such as a soft cream or lighter accent decorative pillows, or even a lighter or contrasting coffee table. You can also paint the walls a lighter colour. 

Divide and Conquer

If your leather lounge suite seems to overwhelm the living space, then it is time to break the unity. Keep the sofa as the focus point, but place the other pieces in other rooms or elsewhere in the room to break up the group effect. Supplement the leather sofa with one of our upholstered or leisure chairs, or perhaps one of the retro vintage-looking pieces. This will help to create a more collective ambience, instead of a suite feeling. However, if your space allows for it, having a leather lounge suite together can be exceptionally appealing.

Layering with Various Finishes 

A leather sofa is a majestic piece of furniture. It is meant to get attention, and is one couch that you normally place with the hopes that it will impress. However, if the couch is all by itself, it can be an extremely overpowering piece of furniture. Create the right balance through the approach whereby you add one of the ottomans from a different finish, also available from us, an end table in another style, or a bookcase to create a holistically balanced room.

You can also layer with pillows or blankets over one of the armrests, and then add a few artworks of various colours. The lighter blankets and various colourful artworks will perfectly balance out the darker leather sofa.

Make It Inviting 

Yes, a dark leather sofa may seem to take up a lot of space, but you do not buy it to hide its beauty. It is meant to be seen and loved. So, embrace it with comfortable colourful cushions, blankets, and items that make it look even more inviting than it already does. It is a piece of furniture meant to be comfortable, and because it is easy to clean and maintain, this is the one piece of furniture in the living room where your family members should be allowed to spend many hours chatting, watching television, or simply enjoying comfortable seating. 

Leather sofas stay in vogue for reasons such as low maintenance, amazing aesthetic appeal, durability, elegance, and comfort. View our exquisite range of sofas, ottomans, chairs, leisure chairs, and coffee tables to get the inspiration you need to make your living room the most loved space in your home

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