Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Dining Room Table 

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner for your business colleagues, a festive season lunch, or a family weeknight meal, the dining room table brings people together. It is thus understood that careful consideration should go into the selection of the dining room table.

Use the guidelines below for making the right choice when you shop for dining room tables.

Table Size

Dining room tables come in many shapes and sizes, but before selecting one, you need to consider the available space. The table size must be proportional to the room size. Keep in mind that you need enough space for pulling out the chairs, and you must still be able to move around the table without bumping into other furniture pieces. You need to find the perfect dimensions, which you will if you follow the layout guidelines below.

The minimum space around the table should be 90 centimetres, but the sweet spot is 120 centimetres for the entrance and if thoroughfare is required. You need a minimum of 72 centimetres for place settings. For serving pieces, in addition to place settings, you will require at least 90 centimetres, and for passing across the table, the maximum width should be 120 centimetres.

How Many Seats?

Dining room tables can be the same size, but differ in seating capacity, simply because of the shape differences. We make it easier to determine seating capacity with our thorough descriptions. If you hope to squeeze in an additional seat for a special occasion, you should allow for 60 centimetres per place setting.

Need More Flexibility?

Adjustable dining room tables make it possible to seat more guests when required. If this is an important prerequisite in choosing a table, you can also look at drop-leaf tables, which have foldable edges, or go with the conventional centre expansion feature.

What Height?

Since the height does not affect the walking space, it is more of a style choice than a layout requirement. The average table height is about 76 centimetres, but you also get tables as high as 90 centimetres, suitable for use with bar stools. If you plan to buy a dining room table separate from the chairs, then consider the legroom. When you buy a set, the legroom will already be correct for use with the chairs. For legroom, you should have at least 17 centimetres of vertical space between the dining room table and the chairs.

Shapes and Sizes

The dining space is what determines which shape and size to choose from our exquisite range of dining room tables. Rectangular shapes are available in various widths and lengths. Oval tables offer the advantage of it being easy to squeeze in an additional chair, while square and round tables make superb use of available space. Such tables also facilitate easy communication for social evenings.

Sets or Only Tables?

Dining sets already have the right chair spacing, correct chair-to-table height, and the benefit of a uniform look. When you buy the dining room table separate from the chairs, you have to calculate the correct ratio and dimensions, but have the advantage of being able to apply your signature style to the dining space.

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