How to Style Coffee Tables for Maximum Effect 

A coffee table has many purposes, including being the centrepiece of a living room, decorative hotspot, resting place for the remote, books, and coffee trays, and even has the purpose of a footrest.

However, coffee tables are often cluttered with too many decorative items, taking away some of the inherent functions of these pieces of furniture. But, it is also too easy to have a mediocre centrepiece simply because little creativity has been used in styling the table. To help you make the most of our exquisite range of designer coffee tables, we share some useful styling tips to enhance the aesthetic appeal and impact of the pieces of furniture in your living room.

Three is Not a Crowd

Perhaps the rule does not apply to social aspects, but it surely does when it comes to styling a home’s interior. This is especially true for coffee tables, regardless of sizes, and styles. Try it. The three-item collection is a winning combination.

Spread three groups of items over the surface of the table. Even spacing will create three distinct clusters. You can have a vase as a group, then a pair of candlesticks, and a dish of sorts as the third cluster. You do not need seven items in a group of three. Just have three distinct groups.

You can apply books as a group and as the base for giving structure. Start with a stack of three books of about the same size, and then stack one or more smaller books on top. Be careful, you do not want to create the impression that someone forgot their entire collection of books on the table. Less is more.

Different heights of the clusters provide a great energy. You can choose three distinct heights, such as the tallest item in the centre to form the base of symmetry, and then two items of different heights for balance. You can also go with the circle and square approach, whereby you play with stylish circles, such as a vase, or perhaps a candle, in combination with the rectangular or square shape formed by a stack of books.

Plants add earthy, green, and energetic elements to coffee tables. Once again, the rule is never to go overboard. If you cannot choose between the plants to display, solve the problem by changing the scenery every couple of days. All you want is to add organic lines, which can create contrast with non-organic items. Work with the formula of adding an exotic plant, a book, and a modern sleek glass tube.

Asymmetry for Simplicity

If the three-combination seems a bit complicated, then opt for the asymmetry styling approach for coffee tables. The easiest approach is to stack or have one item placed nearer to the end of the surface, slightly asymmetrically. This works well with longer tables.

The approach also works if you have one of those coffee tables that stands out on their own. In this instance, you want to show off the table more than decorate it, and will go with a simplistic styling of one stack or a single item nearer to a table corner. You can also apply the method with a round table where you place an item off-centre.

Where to Buy?

View our range of elegant coffee tables, and select the one that will suit your living room styling the best. Then start dreaming of ways to decorate it for optimal effect.

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