Combine the Past and the Future with Our Vintage Range of Furniture 

Vintage furniture has never gone out of style. Regardless of whether you have a contemporary styled home, or a house filled to the brim with antiques and collectables, the addition of vintage furniture stays in vogue.

Irrespective of what you choose to call the authentic items of old, you are bound to start conversations about their origin. The good news is that vintage furniture is now as trendy as sleek modern furnishings, and is expected to remain in fashion for as long as people collect things.

The growing trend in interior decorating is to blend items from yesteryear with the modern interiors of today. Everything from leather couches to high-back leisure chairs are skilfully combined with sleek coffee tables and television cabinets, to make for unique, warm, and welcoming living spaces.

At Riverwalk Furniture, we recognise the trend as something that will stay, and because we cater to the tastes of discerning buyers, we include stunning vintage ranges in our collection of furniture. Innovative designs add uniqueness to these vintage furniture pieces, giving you even more conversation pieces for your elegantly styled home. What is different today is that the furniture pieces, whether vintage styled or contemporary, are made with functionality in mind. This translates into easy cleaning and maintenance, and practicality and comfort.

Nothing in our collection of vintage furniture is here by chance. Every item is selected with purpose, since the modern home, even if filled with interesting pieces, is about functionality. Space is important, and having a furniture piece just for the sake of its aesthetic appeal or unique character is not enough. It must be usable, which is why every furniture piece we offer is comfortable, functional, and durable.

Impress with the Epitome of Elegance 

No matter where you place your Chesterfield, it commands attention. With its one-of-a-kind design, the Chesterfield is as desirable and impressive today as it was two centuries ago. Perhaps it is the leather upholstery, or maybe it is the quality artisanship in the finishes that add the feeling of opulence to Chesterfield sofas.

We recognise how important it is to ensure that vintage furniture, such as the Chesterfield, creates a feeling of awe. In addition, we know that it must fit in with the contemporary home. Add to such that it must be durable and functional, and you can see our challenge. However, we are not shy to admit that we take on even the most daunting challenges, and you will agree upon seeing our vintage furniture range that we do justice to the Chesterfield. You have a wide range of styles and colours from which you can select, ensuring that whatever piece of furniture you add to your home from our vintage range will be exquisite.

Our Aviation Range Brings Back Memories 

Our product stable includes the Aviator range, which as the name suggests, has been inspired by the military aviation past. If you love aviation, then you will certainly adore the range. Even if you have never shown a keen interest in military aviation, the styles available will be convincing enough to ensure that you add at least one piece of furniture from the range to your home.

Add something from the past to your home to create a unique interior. View our range of vintage furniture and place your order.

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