Tips on African Décor Trends in Modern Homes 

Although previously reserved for the interiors of game lodges, upmarket guesthouses, and hotels, African décor is now also widely used in residential interior designs. However, don’t mistake the African décor for modern homes with curio and other items you can normally buy next to the road. No, what we experience in the interior design world is something far more exclusive.

Modern sculptures now have strong African undertones, combining the raw masculinity of survival in Africa with distinctive modern styled art. What you get is a fusion of nature and urban thoughts. Deep and thought-provoking art pieces with almost animalistic characteristics feature in contemporary styled upmarket homes.

African décor has earned its place in the contemporary home and considering that South Africa is an African country, it is quite fitting. Elements such as animal hide rugs are also added to the home interiors, but what we are talking about is more than just the addition of zebra stripes to create a lodge feeling. It is artwork so stunning that it has the attention of whoever gazes upon it. This is the African décor element that Riverwalk Furniture also embraces.

Combine such with high-quality leather sofas or couches made from kudu or oryx leather, and you can almost hear the beat of the African drum in the background. Of course, there is no reason to go overboard with any type of décor. Indeed, it is subtleness that adds style. Overwhelm with too many such pieces, and it feels as if you are visiting an art gallery.

What we suggest is to add one or two pieces of African décor, such as the unique sculptures and paintings available from us. You can also combine the elements with our vintage Aviator range inspired by the military aviation history. As an alternative, add bright colours to your interior together with some African décor pieces and elegant fabric sofas to create the typical African feel, with a hint of modernism.

The latest interior design trends lean towards the combination of organic natural materials, some African inspired art sculptures, and modern furnishings that still support the minimalistic interior design concept.

Moving away slightly from sculptures and paintings, African styled modern homes are exceptionally comfortable. These homes feature elements such as large leather or upholstered fabric sofas with plush cushions for added comfort, and floor rugs to break the cold of the tiled or wooden floor surfaces. Natural materials are used, such as leather, wood, cane, and wicker. Organic fabrics such as burlap and cotton are prominent features.

Experienced interior designers warn not to overdo African décor accessories. Here the principle of less is more definitely applies, as it is easy to become overwhelmed by the raw masculinity of the décor items. Too many such items will take away from the overall visual aesthetic impact. You don’t want the space to look and feel cluttered. Instead, add one or two elements from our décor range, while focusing on furniture from our product stable that supports the African feel, and you will be able to create a truly refined interior space.

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