Dining Room Tables Worth Drooling Over

It’s nearly Christmas, and if there is one piece of furniture that brings family and friends together, hosts celebrations, and treats guests like royalty, it’s dining room tables. Derived from the Latin word “tabula”, which means a plank or trestle table, dining room tables have gone through many design transformations over the past two decades. You can find all types of tables, from the plain wooden fold-up, and super heavy wooden tables that take muscle to move, to innovative works of art that are light, durable, and strikingly attractive. If you’re looking to enhance your festive dining experience this year, then do it with a new contemporary, classic, or vintage dining room table from Riverwalk Furniture. 

Contemporary, Classic, or Vintage

It would be super easy to go with the usual design when choosing a dining table, but that doesn’t say much about you, your family, and your lifestyle. Dining room tables should last for at least a few decades, so don’t settle because you’re afraid of change. It’s important to keep in mind that the size and shape of the dining room table should be dictated by the size of the room and your existing décor.

Fortunately, the pressure is off when it comes to only pairing classic with traditional. Today’s world of contemporary interior design is all about mixing and matching. It’s more aesthetically pleasing on the eye to create a look with a mix of elements from the past and from the present. Oval, rectangular, and square wooden dining room tables with a glass top are considered both contemporary and classic, and are quite popular nowadays. Not only can they seat many, but the glass tops ensure an open look throughout the room. If the table is vintage, then make the table stand out with some interesting Chippendale-style chairs – the best part is they don’t even have to match.

While it may seem like choosing dining room tables is as easy as your ABCs, once you start your search, you’ll soon realise that it can be exhausting. Unless you’re willing to rely on your local furniture shop salesman and come home with a misfit, your best bet is to work with South Africa’s leading online furniture trendsetters that can offer you a wide range of contemporary, classic, and vintage dining room tables. 

South Africa’s Top Furniture Trendsetter

As the heart of the home, dining room tables are a significant investment, which is why it should be comfortable, stylish, and durable. Whether you’re looking for something vintage, classic, or contemporary, you will go mad for the dining room tables at Riverwalk Furniture. As one of the top online furniture suppliers, importers, and trendsetters in South Africa, you’ll find a wide selection of dining room tables that range from the wooden trestle, vintage treasures, to innovative marvels fashioned with glass and chrome. At Riverwalk Furniture, our broad selection of dining room tables will allow you to create the perfect space to entertain family and friends this festive season.

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