Modern TV Cabinets: 2 Great Tips to Flaunt Your Flat Screen 

Have you just invested in the latest Samsung 50″ KU7001 Smart 4K UHD TV? Do you need a modern TV cabinet to complement it? Just as TVs have evolved, so have TV cabinets. Long gone are the days of plain wooden outdated tables that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Today, every modern homeowner knows that along with a sophisticated home entertainment system, you will find a TV cabinet that does it justice. Heavily based on lifestyle, personal taste, and budget, here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a TV cabinet for your new flat screen.

Stay True to Your Living Room’s Style 

Whether your living room is traditional, vintage, modern, or contemporary, always take the style and colours used into consideration when choosing your TV cabinet. As the blending element that pulls the entire room together, not only should your TV cabinet complement your flat screen, but it should also make your décor flow effortlessly throughout the room. You can either choose one that blends with your existing furniture and décor, or you can choose a cabinet that echoes the slim, clean, straight lines of your new flat-screen TV

Super Sleek Glass and Metal, Distressed Vintage, or Retro Country Styles 

Recognised as a piece of furniture that is both functional, as well as enhancing, the right TV cabinet has the command to add a touch of style, class, and personality. From super sleek TV cabinets, to vintage and retro country styles, TV cabinets can be found in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles that certainly know how to command attention. In fact, whatever shape and style you can imagine, can now be found or customised. Whether you are looking for a thin and long symmetrical, geometrical, or floating wall cabinet, or you want a bulky vintage wooden TV cabinet, ultimately, what it all comes down to is personal taste and style.

A Modern Furniture Trendsetter, Supplier, and Importer 

They say that few style-defining pieces speak more than a room full of irrelevant furniture, and at Riverwalk Furniture, we couldn’t agree more. If you live in a modern home, then you’ll definitely want to style your interior with the very best modern, quality pieces of furniture, which can all be found at Riverwalk Furniture. As one of the leading furniture trendsetters, furnishing modern businesses and homes throughout South Africa since 2006, we’re a brand that’s all about choices, and are proud to bring our clients a variety of traditional, vintage, retro, classic, modern, and contemporary furniture styles at competitive prices.

If you are crazy about modern and contemporary furniture, then you will absolutely love our entire TV cabinet range. In fact, you will love our entire furniture range. From sofas, couches, chesterfields, leisure chairs, dining room chairs, dining room tables, coffee tables, side tables, night stands, luxury beds, headboards and sculptures, to contemporary lighting and TV cabinets, we cater to every taste, style, and budget.

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