Keep Your Home Fresh, Relevant, and Chic with These Top Timeless Décor Items 

Are you looking to give your space a trend-conscious update without breaking the bank? Are you tired of passing fads, and are looking for some timeless décor items that will keep your home current and fresh for the next decade? Keeping up with all the latest and greatest trends can be quite exhausting. Home décor items come and go, but some are here to stay for the long haul, and those are the items you should invest in. If you’re looking for a design that is as fresh and relevant today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow, then keep your style fresh and in check with these décor items.

Sculptures and Figurines for the Modern World 

Stone, wood, clay, and metal sculptures and figurines are extremely popular art forms that can be found in modern businesses and homes throughout the globe today. Raising the bar like a fountain does to a lush and polished landscape, sculptures are not only the most enduring pieces of art, but they are also the greatest form of fine art known to man. Whether it’s to be displayed in the bathroom, on the coffee table, in the hallway, or on the mantel, a modern sculpture or figurine will create the perfect setting. From antique, contemporary works of art, and vintage, to retro springboks, kudus, and impalas on stands – what it really comes down to is finding the right sculpture and figurine that best represents your taste and budget.

The Perfect Modern Lighting 

A pivotal component in modern design, lighting is slowly taking its place as a centrepiece of the room. Not just seen as a light bulb anymore, modern lighting adds a fresh lease on life to any space it graces. Creating a unique feel, far from conventional lighting, today’s modern lights are designed to be refined, minimalistic, ornamental, and chic, all at the same time. From contemporary track lighting, modern floor lamps, glitzy chandeliers and original desk lamps, to hanging lamps and pendants, today’s modern lighting can be found in an avant-garde range of materials, such as recycled beads, feathers, glass, iron, leather, metal, Perspex, silk, bamboo, twigs, or wood. 

We Are One of the Top Furniture Trendsetters in Pretoria

Having a contemporary, beautiful, and spacious home is the dream of almost everyone. At Riverwalk Furniture, we don’t just import super chic furniture, we also import super stylish home décor items, such as canvases, wall decorations, carpets, kudu and gemsbok horns, teak bowls, contemporary and unique lighting, and modern and contemporary sculptures. Whether you’re looking to bring style into your living room, personality into your bedroom, polish into your bathroom, or character into your hallway, we can offer you an incredible range of timeless home décor items that will look just as good in ten years’ time.

At Riverwalk Furniture, we don’t just import designer, modern, and contemporary furniture and designer home décor items, but we also offer homes a trend-conscious update that is fresh, chic, and inspiring. Browse our online catalogue today – we know you’ll be blown away.

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