Top Tips to Decorating Coffee Tables That Complement and Do Not Overbear

Have you just purchased a gorgeous new and modern coffee table, but you are not sure about how to style it? An important piece of every living room puzzle, as well as the blending element that pulls the entire room together, coffee tables should complement and not overbear a space. A small humble table that does so much more than just stash the remote and hold coffee cups, wine glasses, and books, your coffee table should make a definitive style statement. So where does one start? Complement your living room and bring out your unique style and personality with these two design tips.

#1 The Rule of Three

Nothing makes for a cluttered surface faster than a large collection of small knick-knacks. While it’s easy to cram a table with all your favourite things, this is the time to apply the rule of three. Used generously in the interior design world, the rule of three is all about keeping surfaces simple, by choosing only three loved and cherished accessories that are varied in shape, shade, and size. The rule of three says that things arranged in threes are more appealing, effective, and memorable. Some brilliant ideas are to use candles and candle holders of the same material and metal, but of different shapes and sizes. Another tip is to only display metal and leather décor elements to add an industrial modern look, or even pile some brightly coloured books with bold lettering as a base for each decorating element.

#2 Chic Minimalism

The trend towards chic minimalism is increasingly popular today. There is nothing more appealing than mixing and matching, while keeping in line with symmetry, but for those minimalists who also want to invite nature into their space, the coffee table is the perfect stage. Using bold and noticeable plants and flowers, keep it minimal and clean by displaying a big beautiful glass vase of colourful fresh flowers, a gorgeous succulent, or a striking green plant right in the centre of the table to add life to your space. By using the rule of three, you can also use pretty vintage glass bottles and decorate them with fresh flowers or plants. You don’t need a green thumb to decorate your coffee table with nature. The results are always amazing.

As one of the leading online and offline furniture trendsetters in South Africa, we believe that your coffee table should not only serve you well, but it should also reveal your personal style. In the end, decorating your coffee table is all about your style and your needs.

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