The 3 Golden Rules to Choosing Wooden Dining Room Tables 

Are you looking to add personality, style, function and quality to your living room? Then do it with a new wooden dining room table. The backdrop for countless important life events, as well as the centrepiece of the dining room, a dining room table is one of life’s many pleasures, which is why choosing the right one is not always that simple. This is a table that has the power to enhance your entire dining experience. So, aside from personal style, how do you choose a table that’s right for you? To find a wooden dining room table that will serve your dining needs, withstand the test of time, and complement your personal style, use these three golden rules.

#1 Choose the Right Wood

From MDF or plywood tables that come as part of a full set, to vintage tables re-purposed for kitchen dining — you can find something to fit almost any need. But if you want a wooden table that will last through years of family and dinner party wear and tear, choose a table made from a hardwood, such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak. Tables made from engineered plywood and MDF are durable and economical, but are never as strong as a hardwood. One of the greatest benefits of solid wooden dining room tables is that they can easily be refinished or repaired if there is surface damage, which means that they can last for generations.

#2 Get the Size Right

A dining room table is not just a surface to break bread and share good food, fine wine and great conversation with friends and family at, a dining room table can make or break any dining room space. One of the most common mistakes made when choosing wooden dining room tables is selecting one that is too large or one that is too small. Obviously, you can’t squeeze in a really big dining table when you have a tiny home, or put a small dining room table in a large space. To allow chairs and people to move around the room comfortably, choose a table that leaves about a metre between the table and the walls.

#3 Shape Also Matters

The shape of your table can set the tone for the entire room. In fact, choosing the right shape is an exercise of finding a balance between form and function. While rectangular and round tables are time-honoured choices that fit most dining room spaces, if you’re looking for a more unique, modern look, then choose a wooden square table. At the end of the day, the shape is all about function, space and style preference.

Modern Furniture at Fair Prices

From plain wooden fold-up trestle tables, to innovative marvels and re-purposed vintage treasures, the right-quality wooden dining room tables will never fail in serving your dining needs, withstanding the tests of time, and complementing your dining room space. Add personality, comfort, quality and style to your living room with the broad collection of quality traditional, modern and vintage wooden dining room tables at Riverwalk Furniture.

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