Designer Outdoor Furniture – Bringing the Indoors Outdoors in 2017 

You might be ready for summer, but is your outdoor space ready? With the rising trend of living sustainably and green, outdoor living is transforming the way in which we live and interact with our environment, and shows no sign of slowing down. The indoors are coming out in a big way, and with warm summer days on the horizon, it’s time to prep your patio for outdoor entertaining. Here’s what’s trending in the world of designer outdoor furniture.

Contemporary Modular Design is the Latest Outdoor Living Trend

Outdoor space is valuable. What was once a patio furnished with a charcoal grill, a few wooden or plastic folding chairs with cushions, and a table, has now become an extension of our interiors. Mimicking the look of the indoors outside, contemporary modular design is an outdoor winner. This is a style that brings together sophistication, function, polish and quality, and is only constructed from the finest kiaat woods and canvases. A modular suite will usually comprise of a coffee table, double-seater couch, slipper couch, and a standard ottoman. Outdoor modular suites can be found in a variety of styles, colours and price ranges. Comfortable, durable, and built to last and survive extreme weather, it’s not hard to see why contemporary modular design is the latest outdoor living trend. 

Nothing Says “Flair and Elegant” Like Rustic Vintage Mismatched Furniture

Another hot trend that has taken the reigns in designer outdoor spaces is “the rustic vintage mismatch”. For the past decade, we’ve been matching our chairs with our tables, which can easily make a space look predictable and bland. Fortunately, much has changed over the past decade, which is why designers have gone back to mixing it up like they did in the mid-century.

Drawing its inspiration from combining modern, contemporary, rustic and vintage interiors, rustic vintage is a style that’s all about pairing stainless steel and teak, wood and iron, and wood and resin, in order to achieve a mismatch that flows and works. A style that combines modern seat materials, bold and pastel colours, Moroccan traditional patterned and textured pillows and tile forms, vintage lights and materials such as chicken wire, stone or weathered metals, this designer outdoor furniture style never fails in creating a beautiful, tasteful, warm and relaxed ambience.

Add Value with Designer Outdoor Furniture from Riverwalk Furniture

Furniture that looks as good in the living room as it does in the backyard is the biggest trend in outdoor furniture, and thanks to amazing strides in technology and innovation, outdoor furniture has evolved dramatically to keep up with the growing trend of outdoor living.

At Riverwalk Furniture, we believe that your outdoor space is an exceptional space. Not only does it frame both your lifestyle and your property, but it also adds kerb appeal. If you’re looking for a mix of traditional, modern and contemporary designer outdoor furniture that can add style, ambience and value to your property, then visit Riverwalk Furniture. We deliver throughout South Africa.

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