The Art of Styling Designer Coffee Tables like a Pro 

Is your current living room cramping your style? Are you looking to add some personality, interest and style to your living room, but not sure where to start? Start with styling your coffee table. From adding style, display and storage, to being used as a surface for kids’ homework and tired feet, coffee tables are an important piece of every living room puzzle.

Humble hard workers that do so much more than just house books, vases and magazines, the right styled coffee table has the ability to add personality, style and grace to any space that it graces. But, coffee table styling is a bit of an art. Whether your designer coffee table is modern, geometrical, vintage, traditional or contemporary – here’s how to style your designer coffee table like a pro

Only Display Your Favourite Things 

Considered as one of the main attractions of any living room space, as well as the blending element that pulls the entire room together, designer coffee tables should complement a space and not drown it. Using your favourite shapes and colours around you, keep in mind that a few personal style-defining pieces can speak more about you than a table of meaningless junk, and coffee tables present a unique opportunity to display your most favourite, conversation pieces. Set the theme of the room by styling your table with the right décor pieces that match everything around you and your personality. Whether it’s your favourite flowers, art from China, knick-knacks from European flea markets, or books that have changed your life, keep your coffee table simple, fresh and real.

Make the Room Come Alive with Balance and Symmetry 

While designer coffee tables are a conversation piece all on their own, if artfully arranged, your coffee table can become a thing of beauty. Interestingly, when it comes to interior design – did you know that the perfect home décor is created by a series of rules? While you can either take the 360°-approach when styling your designer coffee table, which will help to avoid using items that don’t look good from all angles of the room, you could also apply the age-old rule of threes.

The Rule of Three 

Presenting the concept that odd numbers expand and create more energy, the rule of three is a design foundation that applies to any size, shape or style, and is also used widely in architecture and graphic design. The rule of three says that things arranged in threes are more appealing, memorable and effective. Whether you’re working with colour, textures or conversation pieces, pick three objects or three groupings of objects that go with one another and with the surrounding room, and arrange them on the coffee table.

Coffee tables should look good, serve well and display a few accessories that reveal your personality. So while the power trifecta of books, vases, flowers and trays will reign forever, at the end of the day, it’s all about your designer coffee table, its purpose and your needs.

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