Wooden Coffee Tables – How to Make Your Table Work for You! 

Are you looking to add some personality, charisma and soul to your living room? Your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, which is why the things you choose to display should be the things you love the most. So why not start with your coffee table? A humble table that does so much more than just hold coasters, vases and remote controls, your coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture to express you, the colours you love, and the shapes and textures you’re crazy about. You just have to make your coffee table work for you. Not sure how? Give a bit of your life and soul to your living room with these two great tips:

#1 Let Your Coffee Table Set the Theme for the Room 

Coffee tables used to be a place to set your wine glass or coffee mug, or to place your remote control, but in today’s high-fashion interiors, wooden coffee tables have become decorative, and are often the focal point of a living room. As a feature in any lounge or living room, and as a conversation piece in itself, you want a coffee table that not only says a lot about you, but also complements what is already in the room. Is your space more modern, contemporary or more on the vintage and rustic side? Using your favourite shapes and lines around you, let your wooden coffee table set the theme of the room by accessorising your table with the right conversation and décor pieces that match everything around you and your personality.

# 2 Less Can Be More

Considered as one of the main attractions of any living room, as well as the blending element that pulls the entire room together, coffee tables are the perfect display to show off your favourite conversation pieces. But there are times where minimalism can be the right thing, and there are times where minimalism can make a space appear dull, uninteresting and lifeless. While your coffee table should stand out, keep in mind that your coffee table should also complement a space and not overpower it. Whether your interior is modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional, always remember that a few style-defining pieces can speak more about you, than a table of meaningless junk, which can also make your space look messy and cluttered. Always keep your coffee table simple, fresh and real, just like the passing seasons.

Adding personality, charisma and soul to your living room does not have to be an overwhelming affair, you just have to make your coffee table work for you and not the other way around. As one of the leading furniture trendsetters in South Africa, Riverwalk Furniture is well known for our classic, vintage and rustic wild heritage wooden coffee tables that are finished with mansonia wood or a walnut veneer. They are designed to inspire and bring your home back to life, so if you’re on the hunt for some chic and stylish wooden coffee tables, or interior design styling ideas and tips, we will be happy to assist you.

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