Fabric vs Leather Sofas – Which Material is the Right One for You? 

Are you looking to embrace the modern world with a new striking, superior-quality sofa? As the most important piece of living room furniture, there is no better way to complement a space than by investing in a modern sofa. Famed for offering striking focal points that can be elegant, stylish, polished and unique – whether black, red or white– there is no denying that the right modern sofa has the power to change, complete and complement any space.

While a classic mid-century love seat fashioned in orange corduroy may have caught your eye, you may also be toying with the idea of a gorgeous sleek mustard leather chesterfield, or a red and white vinyl modular sectional. If you’re undecided about whether to purchase leather or fabric, then it’s time to put an end to your quandary, as we take you on a little tour of both, so you’ll be confident that you’re investing in the right one

Opulence, Ageless and a Life-Long Investment

Whether it’s vinyl, fabric or leather, if there’s one piece of living room furniture that you really need to get right, it’s the sofa. A piece of furniture that can make the right statement that best represents your lifestyle and personality, for many, nothing does and says it better than a leather sofa. A fabric born of beauty, class and luxury, leather is natural, it’s porous, and it breathes and adapts to whatever environment it is in. It is a lifelong investment that both looks and smells expensive, and leather sofas can easily last up to 30 years or more, if maintained properly. Creating a scene of style and elegance that’s almost impossible to compete with, it’s no wonder leather sofas are pricey investments, which is exactly why this is one purchase you really need to get right.

Stylish, Classic and a Fabric Born of Endless Colours and Textiles

Investing in a leather sofa is not as affordable as fabric, but not everyone appreciates leather. Whether it’s because of lifestyle or moral codes, many people prefer the feeling and look of fabric, and we can hardly blame them. There is nothing more attractive and picturesque than a sleek and stylish mid-century sofa upholstered in a beautiful piece of fine art deco fabric. Stylish, modern and classic all in one, fabric sofas can be found in just about any type of colour and textile, making them extremely adaptable, and therefore, extremely well liked.

Choosing between fabric and leather sofas is not easy, but one thing we can be sure of is whichever type you decide to choose, you won’t be disappointed with the fabric and leather sofas at Riverwalk Furniture. Showcasing the most innovative and progressive range of mid-century modern, aviator, Chesterfield and corner sofas that can be found in vinyl, art deco fabrics and a wide range of superior quality leathers, our fabric and leather sofas are unique and cannot be found at any other furniture retailers. To learn more, view our fabric and leather sofas today.

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