Bring Family and Friends Together with Dining Room Tables from Riverwalk Furniture 

Is it time to splash out on a new modern, contemporary, vintage or classic dining room table, but you find yourself undecided about style and shape? I think we can all agree that breakfast and dinner are far better when enjoyed together. A table that allows you to break bread with your nearest and dearest, as well as share good food, fine wine and great conversations with friends and family, a dining room table is one of life’s many pleasures. But choosing the right dining table can be an overwhelming affair.

There was once a time when picking up a new dining room table was as easy as your ABCs. You went down to your local fashion furniture store and handpicked a good-quality table that fit nicely into your space and budget. But those days are long gone, as dining room tables have gone through a major transformation over the past few decades. With an array of endless material and style options, today’s modern dining room is all about blending fashion, style, fads and quality. Worry not though. At Riverwalk Furniture, we’re here to steer you in the right direction with our guide to choosing the right shape for your dining room.

Round Tables – The Most Versatile of all Table Shapes

The best choice for those who want casual closeness and conversation amongst family and friends, round dining room tables are the most versatile of all dining table shapes. A table that creates a sense of intimacy and comfort, round dining room tables are able to work in any size or shape of space, and can easily accommodate the maximum number of guests possible.


The Classic Rectangular Table – The Most Traditional Dining Table of Them All 

Sharing many similarities with the oval dining room table, a rectangular table is the most traditional choice. This is a dining room table that can complement any modern, contemporary, classic or vintage setting. When it comes to seating larger numbers of family members and guests, a rectangular dining room table is your best option. 

The Perfect Square – The Contemporary Choice for Modern Spaces

Not entirely casual, but not entirely formal either, the square dining room table can create a sense of symmetry, warmth, comfort, and balance in any space. A contemporary choice that typically seats four to eight guests, while these tables don’t overpower in terms of size, today’s selection of square contemporary dining room tables will certainly impress in terms of style.

Whether you have a large family or you’re a couple that love entertaining friends and business acquaintances, it’s likely that your dining room will be a focal point in your home, which is why it’s of great importance to choose a dining room table that is warm, welcoming, comfortable and functional. From sleek, modern and contemporary styles, to traditional and classic styles, our broad selection of dining room tables at Riverwalk Furniture will allow you to create the perfect space to entertain family and friends in your home.

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