Why the World Has Become Fanatical About Chesterfield Sofas

Are you looking to enhance the ambience and improve the aesthetics of your home, reception area or office? While most modern homeowners and businesses prefer to splash out on a snowy white flokati rug, a piece of pricey wall art, or a mid-century contemporary red or white leather loveseat, one of best ways to add polish, enhance glamour and improve style is to invest in a modern Chesterfield sofa. As a sofa that offers an exclusive touch to any space, a Chesterfield is not just a sofa, but a piece of history that is enjoying a remarkable comeback, and here’s why:

Chesterfield Sofas Will Never Go Out of Fashion

A classic sofa that dates all the way back to the 1800s, there is no other piece of furniture that is able to live up to the extreme level of opulence, indulgence and gratification that a genuine Chesterfield sofa can offer. Famous for their superior leather upholstery craftsmanship, their sexy scrolled arms, legs and plush buttoned tufting, Chesterfield sofas are a style icon that symbolises a significant type of wealth and status.

Often referred to as the “Clooney” of all sofas, Chesterfields are just as desirable and stylish today as they were in the 18th century. But what makes these celebrated sofas so sought after is that these high-fashion royal works of art have embraced change along the way. While traditional Chesterfield sofas only came in shades of beige, brown and black leathers, today’s Chesterfields can also be found in red, mustard, green, orange and red. But that’s not all. While earlier Chesterfields were only available in leather, now Chesterfields can also be found in rich crushed velvets and art-deco upholstery. Still retaining its original charm, Chesterfields of today have also incorporated a high back, supporting the lower back and aiding posture.

Chesterfields Complement Vintage, Modern and Contemporary Interiors

Earning the title of “Lord of all sofas”, Chesterfields can gel well in any space they grace. An adaptable and versatile accent piece that can be found in country clubs, upmarket gentleman’s clubs, family homes, loft apartments, ocean-view penthouses, doctors’ rooms, hotels, offices, boutiques, retail environments, and boutique bars and restaurants, a Chesterfield is simply a durable timeless classic that brings style to any classic or modern interior. A powerful sofa that commands attention wherever it’s placed, a Chesterfield sofa can seduce anyone!

Timeless Classics That Require Very Little TLC

Chesterfields are constructed and fashioned with the finest woods, metals and leathers. They are a life-long investment, and it is said that a genuine high-quality leather Chesterfield only begins its life at its eight-year mark. This is a sofa that requires very little maintenance during its long lifespan, so it’s no wonder that Chesterfields have remained evergreen.

While many would say that Chesterfields are enjoying a huge comeback, if truth be told, the world has never stopped being fanatical about Chesterfield sofas. To view an exceptional range of stylish and superior quality Chesterfield sofas crafted in the finest leathers and textiles, head over to Riverwalk Furniture in Pretoria. We deliver nationally.

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