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Are you looking to increase the value of your property, or are you a homeowner looking to transform your outdoor space into something more functional and productive? Your outdoor space is a prominent part of your property that speaks volumes about your lifestyle and values. Every property owner dreams of an outdoor oasis that boasts a beautifully cobbled ground, and a stylish entertainment area furnished with designer outdoor furniture. Yes, if you want classic interiors, start outdoors.

A Designer Sofa or a Modern Outdoor Sectional

Many homeowners throughout South Africa are slowly turning their attention to their outdoor spaces – and we can hardly blame them. A place to wine, dine and socialise, backyard living has never been more popular, and for this reason alone, outdoor furniture has evolved to resemble indoor furniture more and more each year. From wicker loungers and sofas, to chairs, stocked with ample brightly coloured cushions – outdoor furniture is so much more than just aesthetic fixtures. They are crucial objects that connect you to your outdoor world, which is why they should be fashionable, comfortable and seasonal.

Yes, today’s outdoor spaces are all about bringing the inside outside, and nothing screams style, comfort and sophistication more than an outdoor weather-resistant contemporary lounge suite. So why not provide a place to unwind and entertain outside with a designer outdoor sofa, or even a full modern outdoor sectional. While the right designer furniture can make or break your space, it is just as important to decorate and accompany your furniture with accessory pieces. To add that welcome touch, add accessories like contemporary lights and candles.

Fire up Your Backyard with a Pizza Oven

There is no South African that doesn’t love delicious cheesy pizza topped with just about anything yummy. Yes, if there’s one thing that South Africans have in common, it is their love for outdoor entertainment – and pizza! You really won’t want to be anywhere, but in your own beautiful backyard. Whether its winter, spring, summer or autumn, your outdoor space can mean the difference between spending weekends at home entertaining, or having to go out and spend money. With that said, turn your outdoor space into your own private family restaurant with your very own affordable pizza oven.

Sit Pretty with Designer Outdoor Furniture from Riverwalk Furniture

Your home is your castle. It is an expression of your needs, personality and lifestyle, and just as your interior is important, so is your exterior, if not more. A beautiful outdoor space frames your property to deliver a wonderful first impression and an enduring lifestyle. If you are a homeowner looking for designer outdoor furniture that can add style, sophistication and functionality, then you will no doubt appreciate the designer outdoor furniture at Riverwalk Furniture. Bringing comfort, style, and function to your outdoor space, our designer outdoor furniture range comprises of a myriad of fashionable and stylish pieces to suit both contemporary and traditional homes.

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