Two Great Tips to Pairing Beds & Headboards

Are you looking to bring a splash of glamour and style to your bedroom? A powerful space where your day begins and where your day ends – your bedroom is more than just a place where you sleep. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and if there is one way to spruce up your sanctuary, do it with a new headboard. A headboard is not just a pretty piece of wood designed to benefit your health; the right headboard is a design statement that can make or break any bedroom.

A Headboard Can Launch Any Bedroom into a World of Sophistication and Style

Once seen only in top-tier hotels, headboards have gone mainstream and can now be found in modern bedrooms throughout the globe. A powerful accent piece, and often the focal point, a headboard can launch any bedroom into a world of sophistication and style. Setting the style of a bedroom – headboards are not just decorative, but they can also be useful. Everything from providing a more secure and comfortable backrest, to holding books, glasses, decorative items or lights, headboards give the bed a presence in the room. But to work well, a headboard must not only look good, it must also complement the bed, which leads us to the golden question of how to choose the right headboard for your bed? Here are a few great tips to pairing beds and headboards.

#1 Get Your Style Right

Ask any interior decorator and they will all agree that beds and headboards are the most important pieces of furniture in any bedroom, which is why they should both stand out and complement each other. But that doesn’t mean they have to match each other. Because they vary in shape, size and material, knowing what styles are out there is an important part of matching beds and headboards together. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to be creative and mix it up. A headboard is an opportunity to go big, and should be inspired by your bed’s style, your wall colour, and your nightstand and dresser. Anything from ultra-modern to classic – a style that stands out from the rest of the elements in your room can go a long way to making your bed pop.

#2 Make Sure You Choose the Right Material and Colour

While traditional wooden beds and headboards may have rocked the interior design scene for numerous decades, 21st-century lifestyle living has paved the way for leather upholstered headboards. From ornate tufted to luxuriously buttoned, upholstered headboards offer both simplicity and flamboyance. Embracing only the highest quality leathers, a wide variety of stylish and contemporary leather headboards that come in just about any colour can now be found. Don’t be afraid to let yours stand out.

Whether you’re looking to give your bedroom a facelift, or simply give your bedroom a new style, the right minimalist, futuristic, classic or luxurious headboard can change the entire look and feel of your bedroom – and Riverwalk Furniture is where you’ll find them all. Offering an out-of-this-world range of contemporary luxury beds and headboards fashioned in the finest top-grade leathers, our beds and headboards not only offer the perfect finish to any bedroom, but they make matching any type of décor, style and budget effortless.

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