3 Easy Steps to Choosing Dining Room Tables

Are you looking to give your dining room a modern twist with a new dining room table? Choosing a dining room table sounds easy, right? You just need a table that can seat 4 to 6 people. I mean, how hard can it be? Wrong! It may seem like choosing a dining room table is as easy as your ABCs, but when you consider the style, size and functionality of the space, it can become an overwhelming affair. Here are 3 easy steps to getting your dining room table right.

#1 Select a Table Style that Suits Your Lifestyle

Start with your lifestyle. One of the most important considerations is how and where you will use your table. Will it be used to host elegant dinner parties, will it be used every night for family dinners, or will the dining table be used for homework and projects? Depending on its uses, your lifestyle, and your dining room décor, you will be able to decide if you are looking for something more casual in style, or something grand and opulent. From modern and traditional, to contemporary and ornate – at the end of the day, your personal style preferences will dictate the style of the dining room table.

#2 Measure the Size of Your Dining Room

Once you have established the style of your dining room table, you will need to consider the shape and size of your dining room. If your dining room is small, consider either a round table or a small rectangular table. If you want to add the illusion of space, then it would be a good idea to have a glass tabletop. If your dining area is large, then a big oval or rectangular table would be preferable.

#3 Choose the Right Shape

It is important to keep in mind that the shape of your table determines how much space you will need around the table, as well as the number of people that it can seat. While a rectangular table is the most common shape – only because it is perfect for seating more than four people – square tables work best in square rooms, and are better suited for smaller dinner parties. Similar to square dining room tables, round tables work best in small spaces and more intimate settings. Oval tables, on the other hand, are quite similar to rectangular shaped tables, but a rectangular dining room table is better suited for a large room where many seats are required, and an oval table is better suited for a narrow or smaller sized room.

Give Your Home a Modern Twist with Our Contemporary Dining Room Tables

As the heart of the dining room, your dining room table is a significant investment, which is why it should be comfortable, stylish and durable. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional, contemporary, or something a little less formal, give your home a modern twist with our dining room tables at Riverwalk Furniture.

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