3 Brilliant Tips to Choosing Designer Furniture for Small Spaces

Is your new home cramping your style? Do you need advice on making the most of your small living space? Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love – but what if your small space is preventing you from furnishing it with the designer furniture that you love. The good news is that living in a home that’s short on space doesn’t have to cramp your style. If you’re looking to create the illusion of space, here’s how to make the best of what little space you have.

#1 Chic Minimalism – Less is More!

It’s the 21st century, and we’re living in a time where our living spaces have become smaller, and as our spaces change, so do our needs regarding furniture. You see, interior design is no longer just about colour matching and keeping up with symmetry, interior design is all about the use of minimum space to the maximum efficacy. Today’s small modern homes demand furniture that not only takes up less space, but that is also functional, stylish and comfortable, which can only be found with modern designer furniture. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional interior, anyone can transform a small space into a free-flowing, stylish space with just one or two pieces of designer furniture. Not only is chic minimalism budget-friendly, but it’s also ultra- trendy.

#2 Balance Your Space with Multifunctional Designer Furniture

While less is certainly more, choosing the right designer furniture is most important. Small spaces always make you feel like your choices are limited, but if there’s one way to cheat your way back to bigger, do so by balancing your space with the right multifunctional furniture. This is a rising trend among urban loft-living fashionistas, and modern businesses and homes. You can pair an armless contemporary modular or mid-century sofa that sits off the ground on tapered legs with a large bookcase, as this will add a feeling of openness to your floor plan. Also, choose chairs with slender profiles and legs, and pair them with a glass and chrome table, as this will trick the eye into perceiving more space. In the bedroom, choose a round or slanted modern designer bed, paired with a small nightstand that can double as storage. Modern designer furniture pieces, such as these, will fill your small space with comfort and function, without making it feel cramped

#3 Use the Right Colour and Lighting

While it’s super easy creating the illusion of a bigger space with the right designer furniture, it can also be done with colour and lighting. Yes, it’s all about optical illusion, and nothing opens up a small space more than neutral light. The first tip here is to make the most of all the natural light you have available. However, should your space lack natural light, then add the illusion of space and brightness by using soft tones and colours, such as cream, pastel green, icy blue and white. Secondly, to enhance your natural light and create the illusion of space, add a large contemporary lamp, a few track lights, a pendant or two, or a contemporary chandelier.

And there you have it – with the right designer furniture and interior design knowledge, even the smallest of abodes can appear larger and be more functional. Whether you’re looking for interior design inspiration or the most innovative selection of designer furniture in South Africa, prepare to be overwhelmed by our furniture at Riverwalk Furniture.

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