3 Designer Décor Ideas to Make Your Home Fresh, Chic and Inspiring

Are you looking to give your space a trend-conscious update without breaking the bank? Are you even sure about what’s fresh and trending? Do you need some designer décor inspiration? They say that the home is a reflection of one’s personality, style and class, and they couldn’t be more right. Yes, your home is your castle, and the décor you choose should be the accents and accessories you absolutely love the most. If you’re looking to keep your home stylish and trendy – here are 3 designer décor ideas that will make your home fresh, chic and inspiring, without breaking the bank.
#1 Aviator Furniture and Accent Pieces

Have you noticed how minimalist industrial design has become the new trend? Gracing modern businesses and homes around the world, aviator designer décor and furniture have gone mainstream – and it looks like they are here to stay. This style combines historical aviation with modern manufacturing techniques to create designer masterpieces, accent pieces and accessories featuring multi-riveted aged metals, such as brass and chrome, distressed leathers, spitfire finishes, and interlocking aluminium panels that showcase deliberate dings, scratches and other intentional flaws. This is a designer style of furniture and décor that can transform just about any space into something fresh, stylish and ultra-trendy.

#2 Create a Focal Point with Modern Sculptures and Figurines

There’s a good reason why modern sculptures and figurines have topped the list of trending designer décor. Playing a critical role in the evolution of Western culture, as well as offering a unique and refined touch to any space, sculptures will always remain an extremely popular art form. Nothing screams value and opulence as much as a stone, metal, resin, clay or wooden sculpture. Raising the bar like a fountain does to a landscape, not only do these innovative creations create an eye-catching focal point, but they also create the perfect setting, at a price you can actually afford. Modern, minimalistic, sophisticated, original and stylish, today’s sculptures and figurines are ideal masterpieces for just about any modern interior, home or business.

#3 Contemporary Lighting

We couldn’t agree more with Oscar de la Renta when he said: “the most important thing is perfect lighting, at all times”. As a pivotal element in modern design, contemporary lighting has taken the spotlight in designer décor. Essential in establishing tone and mood, lighting can make or break any setting. From track lighting, floor lamps, chandeliers and desk lamps, to hanging lamps and pendants, today’s modern lighting is understated, oversized, elaborate, decorative, innovative, ornate and chic, and can be found in materials such as beads, feathers, glass, iron, leather, metal, Perspex, silk, twigs and wood.

Having a stylish home is the dream of almost everyone, and Riverwalk Furniture is the trendsetter that can help you achieve this dream, at a price you can afford. Enhancing spaces, one at a time, we don’t just import designer furniture and designer décor – we offer homes a trend-conscious update that is fresh, chic and inspiring. Browse our online catalogue today.

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