Bring Style, Comfort and Polish into Your Home with Luxury Furniture 

Is your current outdated furniture cramping your style? Your home is your castle, and the furniture you choose to furnish it with should be the pieces you love the most. Yes, to look good, your home needs good-looking furniture, and if you’re looking to bring some style, comfort and polish into your home, then you need to turn your attention to luxury furniture.

Designed to capture the essence of 21st-century lifestyle living, luxury furniture can only be defined as “precision-engineered works of art” that highlight minimalism, style, function and comfort. The new trend in modern homes is using the least to achieve the most. In fact, all you need is one piece to turn any space into a masterpiece. Fusing unique materials with extraordinary forms, luxury furniture is stylish, innovative, comfortable and resilient. It never goes out of style and always makes a long-lasting impression.

Not sure where to start? Make your home your own with these chic and stylish pieces of luxury furniture.

Make Your Bed the Centrepiece of Your Bedroom with a Luxury Leather Bed

Typical modern bedrooms are no longer complete without the presence of luxury beds. Highlighting sophistication, comfort and elegance, and fashioned with the finest top-tier leathers, today’s luxury beds can only be described as works of art. Whether you place the bed in the centre of the room or against the wall, make your bed the centrepiece of your bedroom with a post-modern round, slanted, square or curved luxury bed.

Add Style, Class and Polish to Your Living Room with a Chesterfield 

An influential space that has the power to set the tone for the entire home, your living room is a reflection of your personality and style, which is why you need to furnish it with a Chesterfield..

A style icon that was first crafted in the 18th century, Chesterfields are the epitome of luxury and class. Renowned as the “George Clooney of all couches”, these iconic accent pieces are manufactured to be durable and stand the test of time. Fashioned in the finest quality genuine leathers, this timeless classic sofa complements vintage, modern and contemporary interiors. 

Transform Your Space with Aviator Furniture

A vintage furniture style that perfectly combines historical aviation and modern manufacturing techniques to create true masterpieces, aviator furniture is a daring and authentic furniture style that is reminiscent of the runways. Influenced greatly by the past and the future, this multi-riveted luxury furniture style features sleek, aerodynamic lines, aged metals, spitfire finishes, distressed leather finishes, and interlocking aluminium panels that boast intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections. This luxury furniture style can transform just about any space into something stylish and trendy.

Whether you’re looking to bring style into your living room, spice up the bedroom, or add an accent piece or two to your family room, hallway, bathroom or dining room, you’re going to fall in love with our luxury furniture when you see our 2017 catalogue. You can easily create the dream home you’ve always dreamed.

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