Top Tips to Choosing Dining Room Chairs

Is your dining room cramping your style? Are you in the market for some new modern, sleek and stylish dining room chairs? We don’t blame you. From grand dinner parties and family breakfasts, to Sunday lunches and family-night board games – life happens in the dining room. But while it may seem like choosing dining room chairs is as easy as your ABCs, once you start the search, you’ll soon realise that it can be quite an overwhelming affair. Here are a few tips on picking the perfect set for your family.

Choose a Style that Sits Well with You

First and foremost, taking the style of your home and living room into consideration, decide whether you’d like a formal dining room or one that’s more laid-back and casual. Secondly, decide what style you’re going for; will it be classic, antique, traditional, vintage, modern or contemporary. Ultimately, style comes down to personal taste. However, there a few new trends to keep in mind – mismatching being one of them. For decades, we’ve been matching our chairs with our tables, making dining rooms a little too predictable and bland. But much as changed over the years and interior designers are now mixing it up. Yes, mismatching is in and matching is out, and it’s never looked more chic and elegant.

Comfort is Always King

While grandeur may once have been the primary feature when designing furniture back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, in today’s modern times, comfort is king. As the heart of the dining room, your dining room chairs are a pretty significant investment, which is why they should not only be stylish and durable, but they should also be comfortable to sit on. To evaluate comfort, look at things like width, padding, seat height, and how the back feels when you lean back against it.

Think About the Material

When determining the look and feel of the chairs, the material is of vital importance. While acrylic, plastic, vinyl and leather are very forgiving when it comes to spills, and wear and tear, upholstered dining chairs and slipcovered seats add a lovely element of colour, pattern and texture, but are prone to damage and stains. Wood and metal are also extremely popular options, and they can be found in a number of finishes and styles, but can get uncomfortable after sitting for too long.

Give Your Home a Modern Twist with our Collection of Dining Room Chairs

At Riverwalk Furniture, we believe that choosing the right furniture supplier and importer means choosing the right furniture, especially when you’re investing in furniture that you want to last a lifetime. Embracing Italian inspired designs that suggest the future, yet hint at the past, each and every piece we showcase has been precision engineered to highlight crisp and clean architectural lines.

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional, contemporary or something a little less formal, our dining room chairs are a symbol of class, luxury and sophistication, and can complement and complete the interior design of any classic or modern dining room.

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