Stay Current and Fresh with Our Designer Décor Items at Riverwalk Furniture

Are you tired of fleeting fads? Are you looking for a few designer décor items that will keep your home current and fresh for years to come? Your home is your castle; it is a reflection of your personality and values, and the furniture and designer décor items you choose to fill it with should be the things that you love the most. As South Africa’s hottest modern furniture supplier and importer, we have some amazing décor items that will bring your home back to life.

Create an Exquisite Ambience with Modern Lighting

Lighting has taken its place as a centrepiece of the modern home. A powerful décor item that can make or break a space, modern lighting is the key to setting an aesthetic ambience. From oversized, creative, vintage and fancy, to classic and contemporary, our wide range of lights will add style, character and a fresh lease on life to any setting. With designs that are clean, smooth, understated and unique, made from materials such as beads, iron, glass, Perspex, silk, feathers, twigs, wood, metal and leather, you will be lit up by our track lighting, skinny and large floor lamps, chandeliers, desk lamps, hanging lamps, pendants, and so much more.

Sculptures – The Perfect Masterpieces for Modern Interiors

Nothing screams contemporary and opulence as much as sculptures do, and while they may come across as being a little snooty and posh, sculptures are the greatest form of fine art known to man. An extremely popular art form that can be found in 21st-century modern homes, not only do they create an art deco vibe, but they also create a dynamic, eye-catching focal point that can complement any home’s décor.

We offer sculptures and figurines that are sophisticated, original, stylish and minimalistic. Flaunting a European influence, our art delivers a style statement that is not only made to meet the modern homeowner’s taste, but our artistic and eccentric works of art are also precision engineered with a great deal of attention to 21st-century modern lifestyles. Found in a variety of materials, ranging from stone, wood and steel, to clay and resin, our innovative and progressive range features animal figurine sculptures, masks, facial sculptures and hyper-realistic figurines.

Renowned for pushing boundaries, and driving innovation and design forward by only showcasing the very best, we are a modern furniture supplier, importer and trendsetter that is proud to offer a variety of designer décor items at competitive prices to the South African market. Appealing to the avant-garde consumer, our spectacular décor pieces have not only been designed to look like innovative works of art, but they also offer sleek lines, unique shapes and elegant clean curves that are impossible to compete with.

Whether you’re looking to keep your living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway fresh and current, we offer a wide range of designer décor items that will fit flawlessly with your space, décor, lifestyle and budget. Influenced greatly by the past and the future, our modern furniture and designer décor items will bring your home back to life.

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