3 Reasons to Enhance Your Interiors with a Chesterfield

Are you looking to trade in that worn out ‘90s three-seater you’ve been sitting on for the past 20 years? Or are you looking for something modern, stylish and super comfortable for your business’ reception area? While a contemporary mid-century three-seater fashioned in white leather may have caught your eye, you may also be in two minds over that gorgeous brown leather chesterfield you saw last week in the latest home and décor magazine.

If you’re looking for a couch that combines style, quality and class, there’s little question that a chesterfield is the right couch for you. Here’s why: 

#1 They Are Timeless Classics

A timeless classic that was first crafted in the 18th century – chesterfield couches are the epitome of luxury and class. A powerful couch that commands attention wherever it’s placed, chesterfields are just as desirable and stylish today as they were in the 18th century. Yes, a chesterfield couch is a style icon that symbolises a significant type of wealth and status. A couch that is to furniture what Cartier is to watches, chesterfields ooze sophistication with their rolled arms and buttoned tufting, thus earning the title of “Lord of all couches”.

#2 They Support and Promote Good Back Health

With no compromise made on quality, chesterfields are fashioned in the finest leathers. Not only does their buttoned upholstery along with their padded seating make them very comfortable, but they support and promote good back health. You see, while a C-shaped seat on a couch will encourage slouching, placing pressure on the lumbar discs, a chesterfield features more of an S-shaped seat, supporting the lower back and aiding posture.

#3 They are the George Clooney of all Couches

Like the actor, these iconic accent pieces are manufactured to be durable, standing the test of time. Engineered and constructed with superior quality materials, not only can chesterfields withstand spills and everyday wear and tear, but while an average couch is built to last around seven to eight years, chesterfields are a lifetime investment that will age gracefully with time. Getting better with age, just like a fine bottle of merlot. It is said that a chesterfield only begins its life at the eight-year mark. 

While many would say that chesterfields are enjoying a major comeback, if truth be told, the timeless chesterfield has always remained in vogue. An adaptable and versatile accent piece that can be found in country clubs, gentleman’s clubs, family homes, loft apartments, ocean view penthouses, doctors’ rooms, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops and upmarket bars – a chesterfield is simply a durable timeless classic that complements vintage, modern and contemporary interiors.

A gorgeous piece of furniture that looks appealing in any setting, this is one couch that will always stay mainstream. In fact, once you’ve lived with a chesterfield, you will never invest in another style again. So, if its class, style, sophistication, comfort and quality that you’re looking to bring into your home or business – you can’t go wrong with chesterfield couches.

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